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Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

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^Great looking dungeon! Beyond designing the architecture, what all goes into something like that / what's left? Item and enemy placement, insertion into the world somewhere...what all is involved with finishing something like that?

Cluttering is the catch-all term for placing items, furniture, candles, rubble and all that sort of detail. Then there's navmeshing which is basicly AI pathfinding for NPCs. Then you need to do the lighting, sounds, scripts, and finally optimizing so it runs smoothly.

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This may be a reaaalllly dumb question, but in all honesty I searched Google and could NOT find the answer on what I would think would be simple and straight forward question.

I have Skyrim on the PC - how the heck do I update it to the latest version (it's 1.4 or something right?) I can't figure how to do it on Steam, and Google wasn't any help...

Am I that pathetic or is there something more to going about this? Thanks guys! :D

Still haven't beaten the main quest yet.. argh! :banghead: Need more free time for Skyrim!



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Hey guys!

This was just shared with me. I thought some people here might enjoy it. The Music geek and the VG geek in me both loved this.

The game wouldn't be nearly as epic without the soundtrack. :smile: It does sound great as rock (good job too, Brandon!).

More on the topic of Skyrim, I quite enjoy the dying sound of a horse falling off a cliff. It's even funnier when you survive after rag-dolling down a slope. :lol:

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Skyrim Monster Mod has recieved tons of new monsters lately. You won't just find retextured vanilla monsters, but also brand new ones such as werecats, minotaurs, lots of new daedra and even some monsters from Witcher 2.

Just keep in mind that it also changes dragon encounters making it incompatible with other dragon mods, unless you know how to patch them together.

If you combine Glorious Grasses and Lush Grass with Lush Trees you get much denser vegetation which makes forests look like actual forests. It's two very simple tweaks that has a tremendous impact on the environment.

Signs and Guardians overhauls the doomstone mechanics to be more like Oblivion/Skyrim, making them permanent signs that have more of an impact on your character progression. Each stone now gives you 3 different options to choose from. For example: Vanilla 20% faster combat exp, +50 health, or a temporary berserk buff from the Warrior stone.

Interesting NPCs adds many more characters throughout the world you can interact with. Their dialog is much more fleshed out than the vanilla NPCs and is more reminiscent of older, less watered down RPGs. Some of the NPCs are even voiced. VA quality is everything from okay to pretty good.

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