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Super Metroid Red Brinstar - arrangement trouble


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Been a while since I posted one of my wips here. Been so secretive and project-y lately, but here's something I've been playing with when I should have been doing something more important. :D

teh remix

Not concerned about source usage or interpretation (and I'm lazy, so no source link), just about the general arrangement, specifically the times listed below, and whether or not the arrangement makes much sense at all.

Sound design is mostly done, and there's some nitpicky problems like the pads' slow attack, one of the leads being ugly, production stuff that I'm gonna deal with when I feel like it, so no need to point out every little faily part (tho I appreciate any findings I've missed myself).

2:10 whole transition thing, too abrupt?

3:16 this part sounds more like an ending thing, need something in before this part?

4:22 transition weird, and the subsequent part too tame?

Obviously missing a proper ending, too. Gonna be another crazy long mix, I guess. Too long?

So, arrangement crits/suggestions?

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Aw boss! You being ignored? :puppyeyes: Allrightlemmeseewhatchagotthere.

2:10 I feel like if you try to slow that to be less abrupt, you'll lose the effect you have now. However, there is a lot of repetition leading up to the 2:10 section. I'll get to that in a sec.

repetition and length: 1:47-2:10 Is like 8 repetitions of the same thing. It's too much for my taste. Don't get me wrong, some is good, especially the way this worked earlier with some pads and distant sounding melody to keep us interested. But there's not enough going on there imho to merit that amount of same-ie stuff. It's also going to be anyone's preference. And I'm crazy. So.

3:16 I don't get too much of an ending vibe from this. As much as a triplet/swung feel break for just a fraction of a second 3:13-3:14. If you think it sounds ending-esque, try changing the repeating pattern to give a leading tone kinda feel maybe? Or just have them not be so static. I dunno. It's something I'd have to hear to know for sure, so I'm just kinda throwing that out there. I like this sort of break. This section is a good contrast to above. Bad repetition there, is good repetition here. Cause there's something going on with it to keep me interested. And I tend to *oh look a kitty*

I like the weird slow part before 4:22. <insert slow pads claim here> I don't understand why people hate slow pads, I kinda like them... but I know someone will say something. Anyways, it may be abrupt with that new instrument there. But I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker. You might consider some ghost notes before that tho if you wanted to sort of smooth it out so it's not so abrupt.

I don't think the overall mix will be too long just for the sake of length. But I kinda said my piece on that with good and bad repetition. Honestly there are things you can cut or polish to make it not seem as long. I tend to like the longer tracks myself, so I'm not really good at telling people NO NO LESS! LESS! I'm the MORE! MORE! MORE! guy...

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You've got some good feedback already (better than I could give), but just wanted to chime in and say I really like the feel of the intro up to 2:10 and in a way its a bit of an abrupt change if you've gotten used to that, but at the same time it wouldn't have the same impact if it wasn't abrupt, so its just personal preference I guess.

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I'm still just a newbie, but I thought I'd throw in a couple of ideas. :)

I like the 2:10 transition. You wouldn't need to alter it, imo.

I don't feel any ending coming at 3:16, but I have to say that I'd love to hear a small fill by that new synth you bring in just after that. But again, I think it's pretty good as it is.

As for the 4:22 part, I feel like the lead clashes a bit from the rest. It might be just me, but with that awesome powerful bass coming in and the crunchy drums, I feel like the lead is just a... let's say... a "remnant" of the first part that didn't want to adapt to its... new friends. I don't know if I'm being understandable, but... ah well! XD And it might be just me who's just crazy :)

Oh and just another thought... I love the slide just before 2:10. It's like the pads' engines just crashed and are shutting down. I thought it'd be pretty awesome if they kind of "glitched", you know, if they had some kind of glitchy flicker, just before their "system failure".

I hope this helps a bit! ^^

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2:10 transition... if anything, it's not abrupt enough! I think the sound needs to be even meatier afterwards, with more bass, and width to the tube-type synth you have going on, perhaps a subtle phasing to it too (although you bring this sort of thing in at 3:16, I think you could move it forward a little in the arrangement - definitely doesn't sound like an ending, just a really cool part of the song).

4:22 - it's not the tameness that sounds strange, I think it's the length of time it goes on. You've got it at that level for 16 bars where I think 8 would suffice, and also not really a powerful enough kick for my taste once it comes back in at 4:43.

Overall it sounds a little thin to me (again could be personal taste), and I think especially the drums could do with being a bit more punchy/layered.

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Hey, this song seems familiar lol. Anyways thanks for the feedback on my mix, more or less I hope I can give you some on yours.

2:10- a bit abrupt, maybe you can slowly increase the tempo of the drums until about 2:06 where they begin like playing really rapidly.

3:16- while I noticed the abrupt transition at 2:10 without you motioning it, this I didn't pick up, it felt fine the way it was. Imo it works doesn't seem like an ending at all

4:22- it could possibly use a transition, but seems ok the way it is. Imo the major critiques would be of the ending itself and 2:10 but everything else seems pretty good.

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