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Happy Birthday, Pocket Monsters!

The Damned

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Today marks the 15th anniversary of the Pokémon series debut. On February 27, 1996, Japan saw the release of Red and Green for the Game Boy. 15 years later, it's the second highest selling video game franchise in history, only beat by Mario himself.

Now, most of us only got to play it late 1998 to mid 1999, due to the release dates in Europe, Australia and North America, so for most of us, it's more like 13 years. But 13 doesn't get special cakes, so fuck that.

So... yeah, happy birthday, bits of data on a plastic and metal board that is inserted into a plastic and metal device running on batteries. You don't look a day over 0.1eV/hour!

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Wow!! 15 years?! Damn, I feel old. >_< I remember being in middle school and being super excited for Pokemon. Nintendo Power had all those little

promotional Pokemon insert comics hyping up the release back in the day. I know the US got it some time after Japan, but still... time flies.

One of these days I need to play one of the newer games. I stopped after Gold and Silver by the sheer overwhelming number of new Pokemon. *nostalgia*

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