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OCR02264 - *YES* NiGHTS into dreams... 'The NiGHT Has Just Begun...'


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ReMixer name: ProtoDome

Real name: Blake Troise

Userid: 25246

Name of game arranged: NiGHTS Into Dreams

Name of song arranged: Under Construction

Original Composer: Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki, Fumie Kumatani

Stevo's Project, please don't post this before it's ripe.

I can't sing well, but autotuning can. Basically your standard, four-on-the-floor-dance-pop-untss-untss track with added chiptune for extra flavour. The lyrics are pretty cheesy, and mildly provocative when you think about it, but feel free to attribute your own meanings to them.

It's already dark outside,

The lamps begin to glow,

Gunna stay with you all night,

Until the sun begins to show.

The glare from the city lights,

Are dancing on your face,

The mood is right, our dreams alive,

It's you I can't replace.

It's getting way past twelve,

and the night has just begun.

Just listen to your heart,

You know that I'm the one.

-Oh baby

Go, take a look outside,

The landscape shimmers blue,

I'll give you the moon and stars

You make my dreams come true.

Can't be without you, no.

Can't you see?

I need you tonight,

Oh baby I want you right here with me.

Our lips are getting near,

Your eyes are locked to mine.

Our bodies move in closer,

Go slow and take your time...

Let's slip our hands together,

And dream the world away.

I want this night to last forever

With you I want to stay.

Dahh dahh dah dahhh dah dahhhh dii dahh-ahhh etc.

The fun thing about this is that there is vocals.


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Thought I was going crazy until OA pointed out this other source track, also called Under Construction. Not sure how they both work into the game, but this one has most of the source that was used in the remix.

Pretty slick remix it is too. It's easy to say that anyone can sing given autotune, but I think things like enunciation and phrasing still can't be perfected in post (yet). Proto's vocals are great here and are reminiscent of Lee Brotherton in Dreams of an Absolution. Plus for the vocals haters, this song still has those jazzy chords and catchy beat that ProtoDome loves to use and we love to hear.


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