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OCR02311 - *YES* Chrono Cross 'Improvisation on a Moment Seized by Time'

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Your ReMixer name: DrumUltimA

Your real name: Doug Perry

Your website:

Your userid (number, not name) on our forums, found by viewing your

forum profile: 3877

Remix name: Improvisation on a Moment Seized by Time

Name of game(s) arranged: Chrono Cross

Name of individual song(s) arranged: People Seized with Life

Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound

archives already available on the site):

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind

it, how it was made, etc:

People Seized with Life was always one of my favorite pieces of video

game music. The first time I played Chrono Cross, this music hit me

like a brick--even though it's extremely unmanly for me to admit, I'm

pretty sure it brought some tears to my eyes. I had started a more

involved remix of it years ago, but never finished it. Perhaps I will


I was supposed to hang out with a bunch of friends last night but they

all bombed on me because I don't actually have any friends :(. But I

was in a music-making mood anyway, and with this chunk of free time I

had, decided to work with my relatively new set-up in my Lawrence,

Kansas-based apartment. I had been listening to a track from the demo

CD of our own Will "bustatunez" Roget that had some serious Mitsuda

influence in it, and it inspired me to revisit this track again.

This source has always reminded me of the frustrating reality that any

moment we experience in our lives can only live on as a memory, and no

matter how hard we try to live in this memories, it's impossible to

escape the reality that they're no longer real and that we can never

go back. Or maybe I just have a nostalgia complex. Regardless,

that's where the name comes from.

There is actually a video of me playing this!

- let me know if you want

the actual file for anything.




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The very dark and warm tone here really works with the source and the arrangement to create an excellent mood.

The remix contains nice variations, a good live performance (minus the one flub), and an incredible source, which combined, make this a pretty emotional piece. There are some sections I feel that could have been even stronger though, as I am of the opinion that the source itself could have near infinite rubato, and the more added, the better, and there are some passages that have a slightly heavy touch. That being said, the more dominant sounding sections give the really emotional ones a lot more dynamic contrast, so overall things were on.

Definitely liking this a whole lot.


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Gotta agree with Andrew on this. You've really worked the source well here, and it's very awesome seeing you perform this live as well! You've got a knack for improvising, and I love the emotion you've put into an already very emotional piece. I've got nothing against this at all.


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not much to say, this is really great stuff. I love the way it starts out fairly conservatively and eases into the arrangement. you've done great justice here.


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At 3:32, noooooooooooooooooooo. Bah, sour note, I keel!

But halc summed it up well: you're thinking it's just going to be a straightforward piano cover to start, but the additional elements of interpretation flow in as time goes by and it all develops nicely. Not that I actually expected an uniterpretive cover from Doug, but it was nice to get taken on that ride.

Solid work, and nice to hear you on the keys again, Doug! Come back out east when you can. :-)


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