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Prelude-Final Fantasy(Most Games)


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I don't like the first minute and a bit of the song. You could do some more interesting things with the arrangement of that part especially the drums which seem too simple for too long.

You should have different layers to them coming in a bit sooner than they do and more variation aswell.

The melody also seems like its the exact same as the orignal. Switch it up a bit from the original to make it more of a remix.

Also I can't really hear the bassline your talking about so bring that out a bit more in the mix.

You've got some nice sounds here though so work on making the arrangement more interesting.

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It's a very simple hip hop beat with strings covering the melody (for the first minute or so). Zero originality so far. Though seeing it posted on newgrounds I didn't have high hopes to begin with.

The piano and gated backup melody is kind of nice, though the soft emotional piano really seems to clash with the ghetto beat behind it.

With some vocals the song might seem more complete. For now it doesn't really contribute anything to the original song (and the Prelude has been remixed nearly to death already).

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A more elaborate hiphop-themed remix of the prelude would be pretty cool. atm, this isn't very elaborate. The first drum loop you use doesn't hold up well, certainly not for that length without muchvariation to it (second one is pretty good, but could also use some more variation, fills, and stuff). Some chordal variations could set this mix apart from a lot of other Prelude mixes, some altered rhythms might also help (tho it's easier to screw up the source with those). Giving it more dynamics, more loud parts and more soft parts, would also help.

The instrumentation is pretty minimal (bass, strings arpeggio, piano lead, drums), some variation in the instrumentation would help keep the mix interesting. The strings are currently in a kind of blurry state, more clearly defined attacks would help them not fall into the background as they do now (tho then you'd have to eq them further back to keep them from getting in the way of the piano and other lead parts).

With or without vocals, this could be better. Good luck with it. :D

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