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Kenogu Labz

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WindStrike and I have started a group on Steam named Surfing OCR. The goal of the group is to present OCReMixes (and potentially other arrangements on the side) that surf well in the synesthesia-arcade game Audiosurf.

Each week, we will share songs that we found to be a blast to surf. We will also be making our way through the ReMix archives, from bottom to top, finding some hidden gems, and maybe uncovering some songs that haven't been heard by many here. Come on in and join us! We'll be posting updates here, as well as on the Steam group page.

Some of the tracks we list may have Audiosurf tags to improve the gameplay; specifically, the 'steep' option forces a track to be more aggressive, which can make some tracks that Audiosurf has a tough time with much more fun. The options are toggled by changing the name of the song you're going to surf in its ID3 tags. Follow the guidelines on this page if you want to compete, as this will ensure the track names line up.

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Welcome to our starting lineup for Surfing OCR! This week, we have two of OCR's hardest Audiosurf rides alongside a modified Earthbound remix. Next week, we'll start stepping through the OCR archives as well, so stay tuned for some good ol' oldies!

Note - Traffic counts are listed with the assumption you’re playing an Elite character with Ironmode on.

Scenes From a Memory OC ReMix

Traffic - 283

Description - Sixto, Suzu and zircon bring us this 'Voices of the Lifestream' track, and it's quite a ride. The blazing guitar-work blasts you down the slope at dangerously high velocities, so bring your helmet and goggles if you're on Ironmode!

Red Blue Sanctuary OC ReMix [as-steep]

Traffic - 219 [as-steep]

Description - This two-sided track comes from the equally bizarre Earthbound. Flow with the rhythm on this one: it lives by it! Remember to add [as-steep] to the end of the track title.

Dance of the Zinger OC ReMix

Traffic - 280

Description - Don't let the beginning of this track fool you; when this 'Serious Monkey Business' track gets moving, you better be quick on your feet, 'cuz this trance piece isn't going to take it easy.

Happy surfing!

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It's week two of Surfing OCR, and with it comes a new set of tracks!

We're also going to start mixing things up a bit: along with the weekly OCReMixes, we'll also be posting good surfing tracks from other sources alongside. Twice the fun for the same price!

Mega Man X Light in the Fortress OC ReMix

Traffic - 262

Description - housethegrate shreds up a nice midline track: fast-paced, with quite a few tight spots, if you dare to try and sneak through.

Super Dodge Ball All-Star Doskpop OC ReMix

Traffic - 300

Description - Mazedude brings us this Super Dodge Ball mix in the form of a homage to the demoscene-originated Doskpop genre. As usual, Mazedude's work is energetic, and the difficulty ratchets higher as the song goes on. Can you get through without taking a dodge ball to the face?

Final Fantasy IV 'Four Friends of the Elements' OC ReMix

Traffic - 289

Description - This zany piece was posted recently, courtesy of Hyadain, a Japanese artist also known for his covers. Tap your foot to it if you want, but don't let that distract you: this one races downhill at breakneck speed, with barely a breath between verses!



Remixers – CarboHydroM

Game – A Link to the Past

Songs – Every single one

Traffic – 210

Description – Clocking in at just over 19 minutes is an epic rock medley of every song from a classic Zelda game with only two breaks from its relentless rockin’ onslaught. Good luck beating the top scores!

--The .ogg has a traffic count of 208 but has a slightly better sound.

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You know what song was a really cool surf?

not a remix but a cool song for surfin' anyways

I've been coming across a lot of awesome songs for surfing. Maybe i'll make a playlist at some point. I like the songs where it makes the track stop suddenly then it speeds into a beat... Dunno what causes that (slow tempo probably) but it's pretty awesome

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Are you going to put anything on your youtube channel or is that for decoration at the moment?

Once I get my computer back up to speed (nasty virus I couldn't get rid of), the YouTube page will hold runs of one of the songs for each week. This rate will depend on my schedule and skill level, since no-one wants to watch a video full of fail! This is also something other OCR members could pitch in on, if they wanted to.

I like the songs where it makes the track stop suddenly then it speeds into a beat... Dunno what causes that (slow tempo probably) but it's pretty awesome

Usually it's caused by a drop or cut in volume; the pause just before a breakdown in many techno songs always makes for an awesome rush. Also getting a corkscrew at the climax of a song. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

On a random note, we're avoiding using remixes from the same game within the same month. Likewise, no more than two from a single series. Also, every five weeks we'll be doing an "event week" that's prepped ahead of time and has a special theme going for it. That said, if it's been two or three weeks and your suggestion hasn't been added yet, it's probably one of those reasons mentioned. We will get around to adding all suggestions eventually, so don't hesitate to keep adding more suggestions here! (or in the comments section of the group)

We still need an avatar for the group, so if someone can come up with something, please do so.

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(This week's writeup done by WindStrike! Sorry we're late in posting.)

Normally, Kenogu writes all the descriptions, but this week, I took the liberty of letting my insanity loose and letting you all feel the pain of my puns. Fear not, we’ve got a great lineup this week consisting of some of our favorite classics, including two alternates. Next week, we’ll be continuing with the oldies.

Secret of Mana ‘Fear of the Flava’ OC ReMix

Traffic – 278

Description – ‘Fear of the traffic’ may catch you ‘into the thick of it’ if you want to make it through this crowded forest grown in McVaffe’s garden.

Star Fox ‘Barrel Roll’ OC ReMix

Traffic – 300

Description – Unfortunately, there isn’t an actual ‘barrel roll’ (twist) in the song, but it may cause you to involuntarily ‘barrel roll’ out of your chair, because you didn’t ‘use the boost to get through’.

Dr. Mario 'Burning Up' OC ReMix

Traffic - 193

Description - The beginning of this Dr. Mario mix might go down smoother than medicine, but don't count on it to last for long!

Depthless Ocean

Remixers – Tonindo, Jewbei

Game – Donkey Kong Country

Songs – Aquatic Ambience

Traffic – 294

Description – There will never be enough Aquatic Ambience because it can’t happen. It’s simply too good. Tonindo and Jewbei combine their efforts to bring you an unparalleled, trance-tastic mix that will drown you endless traffic.

Cave Story: Welcome to Hell R:TS Mix

Remixers - Divine Wrath

Songs - Last Battle

Traffic - 244

Description - It may not seem tricky, but try blazing past it at the top of the board: we dare you.

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Week 04 brings another full set, complete with not one, but TWO oldies! You'll be seeing red with this week's selections, guaranteed. Coming up next week will be an “event” week, something we’ll hold every five weeks, with remixes all in accordance to a particular category.

Zelda: Link's Awakening ‘Clash at the Mountains’ OC ReMix

Traffic - 303

Description - Zircon holds nothing back, and this ride is no exception. Be prepared, this one nails you with tons of tight spots at high speeds! Good luck making it through unscathed.


Bomberman ‘Chip Trip’ OC ReMix

Traffic - 319

Description - This bubbly Bomberman mix fills your path with obstacles, then throws in clever clumps of colored blocks to collect. How cruel can you get?


Breath of Fire 2 ‘YouMustDance’ OC ReMix

Traffic - 281

Description - This middle-aged mix picks up the pace and lets the drum-track lead the way. You WILL dance to it.


For the alternates this week, we’ve got Mario, Zelda and a DoD entry.

You suck at Super Mario Bros 4!

Remixers – mv

Game – Super Mario World

Songs – Title, Overworld, Level Themes

Traffic - 289

Description – Chip Trip wasn’t enough for you? mv brings you a chiptune medley of SMW’s themes that race against the clock, as Mario tries to finish the levels in time. The end result? Depends on if you finish the ride yourself.


Hot for Rock Shuffles

Remixers – Prince of Darkness

Game – Sonic Adventure, Twisted Metal, Uniracers

Songs – (if you figure ‘em out, tell us)

Traffic - 243

Description – Prince of Darkness makes yet another 1st place entry to Dwelling of Duels. It’s not particularly difficult, but it brings a good pace as Sonic gets murdered halfway through. Literally.

Link - http://www.dwellingofduels.net/duel.php?dir=10-12-MAGfree_Month&month=M9&img=MAGfree (first place)


Hero's Torn Heart

Remixers – Setu-Firestorm

Game - Legend of Zelda

Songs - Title

Traffic - 313

Description - Such a gentle, melancholy song, isn't it? Such a shame you can't relax to it as you tumble down this corkscrew of death.

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Welcome to our first Event Week, bLiNd SNESthesia, featuring tracks only from OCReMix premium electronica artist bLiNd! WindStrike and I had to do a bit of haggling to get the song order set up: there's so many good tracks from bLiNd that we had to cut out some close runners for the final lineup! So, how 'bout it? Ready to run these tracks bLiNd?

Wild Arms ‘A Ring and a Promise’

Remixers - Ashleigh James, bLiNd

Songs - Lamenting and a Promise (Prologue 2)

Traffic - 244

Description - We're kicking this event off with a collab work, Ashleigh James providing vocals to blow you away. The track may take awhile to build, but wait until the meaty backing starts up!


Final Fantasy IV ‘Bridge to Eternity’

Songs - Within the Giant

Traffic - 289

Description - This track certainly doesn't make things easy; a veritable flood of greys, with only a small Bridge to stand on.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‘Go Ninja, Go’

Songs - Title

Traffic - 279

Description - This is one high-energy romp that'll be tricky to ace. Think it's not that hard? Try going for a Match 21!


Chrono Trigger ‘Pipe Dream Mystics’

Songs - Yearning of the Wind

Traffic - 230

Description - Don't let the low traffic number fool you: this track gives you only a narrow pipe to surf through, and you can't trust whether any block is worth grabbing.


Gradius III ‘Space Ace’

Songs - Departure for Space

Traffic - 252

Description - Closing up the event, we have this bubbly, synesthetic piece. This is the kind of track that reminds us all why we love Audiosurf: the track fuses with the music, and the visuals back it up every step of the way.

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Howdy everyone, and this week, assuming you weren’t bLiNded from last week’s awesomeness, we bring you three more OCR rides, all of them in the 200s range. Be warned though, they make the fast and the furious look pale in comparison. Looking forward to next week, difficult rides from difficult games.


Mega Man X ‘Braincooler’ OC ReMix

Remixers - Rozovian

Songs - Chill Penguin Stage

Traffic - 241

Description - This track may look unintimidating, but while there may be many blocks to gather, you'll have to weave and slide throughout the tight-knit patterns surrounding them. G'luck passing through unscathed!

Link - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01916/


Donkey Kong Country 2 ‘Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings’ OC ReMix

Remixers - Brandon Strader, Nekofrog

Songs - Crocodile Cacophony, Gank-Plank Galleon, Stickerbrush Symphony

Traffic - 255

Description - Buckle up, cause you’ll be screaming “yum yum potassium” for your life as the relentless rock n’ screamo from Brandon Strader and Nekofrog cause you to plummet down a blood red hill to your death. That blood might be yours by the end.

NOTE: Contains explicit lyrics. And yum yum potassium.

Link - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02110/


Touhou: Phantasmagoria of Flower View ‘Naito Obu’ OC ReMix

Remixers - Kidd Cabbage

Songs - Flowering Night

Traffic - 287

Description - This track is almost as frenetic a surf as the source game, not to mention the song itself. A face-first bullet hell!

Link - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01982/


For alternates this week, we have one more DKC2 mix designed specifically for rollercoaster rides.

Donkey Kong Country 2 ‘RC Dance Mix’

Remixers - Thomas

Songs - Disco Train

Traffic - 323

Description - If you the first few didn't have enough speed to get you through the week, this one should fill your appetite to the brim. Short, fast and deadly: this track sets up road-blocks like few others can.

Link - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/170718


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