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Sonic 3 Hydrocity Zone ~ Dance Mix

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Ooo, very sexy remix. A couple of comments, if you want it on OCR - there's not quite enough source to go around. It sounds awesome, but playing that source once in the middle (and a little ditty at the end) isn't going to cut it for source usage. There's a lot of room where you could include variations of the source in this arrangement, though, so I could see that being fixed easily if you wanted to. Not to mention that there's a badass section in the original source that isn't even there (and it's just pure synth wankery - I mean it would go so well with your track...), so hopefully we will see an update with awesome source usage, but that's up to you.

The length is... short. Objectively speaking, the arrangement is just begging for more. It sounds like there's a whole other section that it's building into, yet it fades out instead. It made me sad, because I was looking forward to the next section. :cry:

I can't say for sure, but I think I hear some clipping in the high ranges. YT tends to do this to videos, though, so if you could provide a link to the Mp3 we could make sure it's something with the track rather than something with YT.

Otherwise I loved it. The dance style was great, and it got me bobbing my head, for sure.

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This has a lot going for it. I love that you use the baseline from Act 2 subtly throughout the piece. It fits quite well. When the theme comes in at 1:15, its really awesome. Of course as others have said, its definitely a little short and could use more of the theme throughout. What you have sounds great though. I really love this style, and its fairly well-produced (though YouTube doesn't necessarily reflect the true quality of the song).

You're on to something mad groovy here. Keep it up.

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Awesome. Awesome awesome. Love the style.

But it needs way more of the source tune in there. I completely agree with DJMystix... the absolute best part of the source isn't even here. And I can totally hear this mix building up to that particular section; it would fit in PERFECTLY with this style. Perfectly.

Keep working on this. Needs moar awezome-source :D

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Hydrocity is my favorite Sonic song. I pretty much agree with everyone here... this sounds awesome and the style is awesome.

WE JUST NEED MORE! I'd definitely love to see you expand on this. Make it longer, work some more of the Hydrocity theme in there! And a direct mp3 link would be great! Youtube sound quality leaves much to be desired.

Good start!

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