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Luigi's Mansion Theme - LGGames Remix


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Still working on this one. I'm sort of happy with the song structure (might add a bit more later on. I'll see), but I'm thinking I need to experiment with different sounds, effects, and drum-beats and such to obtain a better sounding song.

Either way, any pointers on what should be changed/add/improved are welcome. It's sounding good so far, I just don't know exactly where to take it from here.

My apologies, no listening link, just a download link for this WIP. Final version will have one though.

Download the song here!

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I love the Luigi's Mansion theme and I do like the direction this is going. I would first like to point out that yes you need to modify the drums. They are far too repetitive for too long a time.

This track overall is quite minimal. That is no problem I am just wish there were a few parts that..got excited for a few measures. Maybe get loud a few times ehh?

Off topic: Are you a Reason user as well? I detected some similar sounds in this...

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Yes, I agree that the song came out too minimal, which is another reason I believe I should experiment around with different sounds and such. As well, I want there to be segments where the song does get "excited". Any ideas on how to achieve that are welcome.

And yes, I am a Reason user, to confirm your suspicions.

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Well, that took a while to get around to. XP

Anyway, I've done my improvements and the song's a lot better now. Not sure if I really nailed any high-points for the song, but with the simple, overall improvement, I'm satisfied enough so to call it finished.

If anyone can spot any minor fixed that should be attended to, I'll see about them. More in-depth critics are always welcome, of course.

Above all, I hope you enjoy it.

- - -

Song: "Luigi's Mansion Theme"

Game: "Luigi's Mansion"

Remixed By: Gavin MacLean

Midi Basis By: MetalYoshi and Rachel Feltham

Listen to the remix here!

Download the remix here!

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Sounds good. I thought of Luigi roaming around the mansion with earphones on, connected to his GameBoy Horror (now with MP3 capabilities), bopping his head to the music and sucking up them ghosts with an "I'm so awesome" look on his face.

- If you added a Boo laugh once or twice in the song, it would and another dynamic to the whole piece.

- The instrument that comes in at 0:30 sounds like it has a chorus effect on it, as it periodically gets sharp and flat. I personally think it should be taken off the instrument.

- Good job at making it build up and drop throughout the song. I didn't hear the original version, but by reading the comments, I can tell that you've made a lot of improvements in this area.

I have Reason, but I just can't understand how to work it properly. Ah well, Cubase is easier. ;-)

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