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Jazz Jackrabbit menu remix


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Decided to make Jazz Jackrabbit remix this time, this is kinda fast tempo remix or something.

I was inspired to add those Fear and Loathing speaks to this song, because I wanted something similar that Lie Mf-B had in his "Apartment 1-2 (OD'd and Dead)" track.

Its not as trippy as Lie Mf-B:s, but I think this is nice.

I hope you like this!




soon I will also update the soundcloud link.

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Neat start, I like your choice of instrumentation, although I think it would benefit from being a little more varied, and I think it's sounding a bit muddy at the moment. Work on bringing everything out individually, and giving it some more punch and clarity. The bass and kick particularly seem to be dominating the mids - try cutting them out and boosting their bass frequencies for a start.

The drum machine initially sounds cool, but gets a bit old towards the end. I'd suggest either using some different drum samples throughout the piece, for example in a breakdown section, or changing up the beat more often to make it sound fresher. Nice choice of tempo though, it had me bouncing :)

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Absolutely. Stellar. Remix. I visit this site to find gems like this. You've got the electro-fuck thing going on. It doesn't stray heaps from the original but why should you have to, you've introduced some killa variation to it and its fun and addictive to listen to. Submit it. Its ready in my book. 5 star production.

As an aside its a 3.5 minute mix and it downloaded as a 3.6 MB mp3. How in Gods name did you get it so crisp sounding and at 320 bitrate? You have defied the laws of file storage, matey. :P

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heh thanks dfcentre!

you mean electro-funk? :P "electro-fuck"

I dont know, my mp3 says its 8mb

I think also that this is finished now, do you guys know if ocremix accepts those fear and loathing speaks?

also those who wants it without those, I rendered another version for couple of guys who didnt like it with those speaks on it


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