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  1. Incredible, I think it could be the best Zelda orchestration that I've ever heard! "SamWOW!" Seriously, I'm going to throw in a request that I think that you are up to. If you ever played and loved Yoshi's Island, feel free to give the end sequence music your interpretation. That would be so dang amazing. Part of me thinks you could even weave the final battle into it in a way that rivals Scheherazade's Festival of Bagdad. So impressive. Don't stop.
  2. Wow. Beautiful. Warming. Calming, but also impactful. Great composition!
  3. That's good to hear that the site does use a secure connestion for logging in. : ) Thanks djp
  4. Hi I've been a fan of ocremix since 2000. EDIT: I do not visit the website very often but when I do I like to talk about videogames and their music and remixes in the forums etc. I have noticed that the website connection is not secure. Is there any reason that a website that requires passwords does not have a secure connection?
  5. No comments for 7 years! I've been a big fan of this track since first downloading it those many years ago. The only qualm that I have is the sound quality. The high hats (sorry I'm not musically literate?) and other instruments that are high frequency get really muddy due to the compression. The track was released back when and bandwidth was treasured so I understand why the tracks needed to be compressed, but I would love for Rimco, wherever he is over a decade later, to re publish this track in 320 kbps format. I can dream.
  6. Great arrangement. Agree that the samples aren't the best and it's noticable from the start. I really liked the transitions, they were organic, and had a presence of they own, I don't normally like medleys but this one was great. Having played BotW at a friends house and slightly missing the zelda music it was nice to hear freshly composed. Due to the nature of the samples the track is probably one I can feed into my automated playlist generator system... but if it's ever souped up, I'd include this track with the best of em in a heartbeat!! Thanks for the experience.
  7. Being a bit of a soundtrack lover even with a few LotR tracks in the rotation I was really digging the intro and all the transitions. Its such a dynamic track. The use of the classic, pain-infused Doom music was great. Part way through though, quite early in the piece I thought the anvils (I think they are anvils, im not an expert sorry) were just being a tad overworked. it was dragging the piece down too early. For me I feel like you could have dropped them at 2:33ish except they continue 3:00ish. Part of me thinks there's something else that can be done to the beat to make it imposing, not an expert but different drums. Horns like those used in the final battle in Mario Galaxy created an urgent quality that could work here too. I suppose depending on what emotion you are trying to bring out here prrcisely and what is inkeeping with LotR I do think it can be improved. Later in the piece at 4:35 the anvils are possibly ok but by then I'm sick of them : ( and I found them to be loud and overpowering the other great work you are doing with other instruments. Honestly I would love to add this to my rotation but I just can't yet... so close though. There is real skill here and I'm going to have to check your other mixes if you have others.
  8. Great track really been digging it. I must say though I do find the constant fast strumming of the (is it a) banjo starting at 2:09 (but also in other parts of the track) a bit unnatural and too perfect if that makes any sense. Apart from that It's gold!
  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! Ever since I've been on OC Remix I hoped this day would come when someone would do a killer mix of Chicago, my fave track from Perfect Dark. Was just listening to the tired old MIDI from the game and thought, maybe I should check OC Remix... maybe someone remixed it and I missed it.... and I DID!!! This mix is Perfectly Dark, in all the right ways. I feel the aliens took me during it. : ) The dub influence in it is soo neat too. Would not have expected that could work. Kudos. YOU ROCK! Thanks Zas.
  10. The only problem with this is the length. I waited about 10 seconds for the music to kick in again, but it didn't, and having sensed a lot for this track it did leave me only partially satisfied. At 1:20 I definitely think you can experiment and expand on the melody instead of it going "up and out", so to speak. It's definitely going somewhere amazing at that point.
  11. What a surprise! I always listen to the track before reading the description, but yes, I too got lost in this track. Love it. So confident. The arrangement is gold and as a Kirby's Adventure fans even I didn't notice you had blended tracks from different parts of the game. Well done. I feel so old when I think about vgmusic.com haha. My homepage for years was vgmusic.com/new-files hahaha. The only reason I took it off my homepage was my soundcard had to be replaced and midi sounded crappy with the new soundcard. Ah, those were some funny days.
  12. The lag in NSMBWii is not noticeable with two players playing simulaneously. However when you have four players playing simultaneously, try jumping on the spot. you WILL notice a tenth of a second delay that will cause you to die on many occasions. Most people would assume they pressed the button too late and that's why they fell. It's funny for a while... especially at parties. But I think it detracts from the experience and I hope the multiple processors in the Wii U mean the lag is gone. Another thing that really annoys me about the Wii is it fried my Gamecube Memory Card. I rang Nintendo and they did not even want to TRY and restore the hundreds of hours of save game data on there. To add insult to injury, a few months ago the Wii started making a loud buzzing sound proportional to the speed of the disc spinning. I rang Nintendo and apparently they want to charge me for fixing it. I bought 13 games for the console and now I can't play them because the Wii is making a louder sound and I'm concerned about friction and fire safety. Apparently Nintendo only provide a one year warranty on there products. A far cry from the Product Lifetime Warranty they used to offer. Nintendo are not the same company they used to be. They are a shadow of it. It will take a lot for me to want to invest in gaming with Nintendo again and this E3 just didn't show me anything I HAVE to experience.
  13. Yeah. I am also in my mid to late-twenties and a male. Perhaps the most interesting point to make is this. We, on these forums, are probably all mature, adult gamers but have you seen anyone get excited about the incredible, fabulous, gold-coloured, new Cat Mario? No. But Cat Mario is a big new focus of the game! Even before multiplayer. The title of the game even has a cat paw in it! In fact I don't even remember anyone mentioning Cat Mario let alone get excited. Its as if we are too embarrassed to talk about it. Don't get me wrong, I love cats, I have a cat and he is a very important member of the household. I even watch hilarious cat memes and videos with friends. Cats are great animals. However there is just something weird about an Italian plumber dressing up in a cat costume and scratching enemies. Its not something that fits with the Mario universe its like someone at Nintendo discovered "furries" and thought, "Lets try that". As an adult I can get very excited about cartoons. "Wreck It Ralph", "Monsters University" etc. But I can't get excited about this Mario game. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying this but I think Nintendo's main interest is 5-10 year olds because they know that a child will stay with them into adulthood just like we did. McDonalds Resturants have the same philosophy (with albeit worse side-effects of course). So while we like to think Nintendo is answering our prayers by giving us more Mario games, I think that Cat Mario is proof that Nintendo had only young children in their focus groups, because no-one on these forums has had ANY response to Cat Mario whatsoever. And that silence speaks volumes about Nintendo's current position more than anything. To reiterate I love 3D/2D cartoons and movies still. I am excited to see Monsters Uni soon.
  14. Yes its funny, but only because everyone kept dying because the lag was so bad. You can learn to compensate for the lag as I did but still. Bloody annoying. I don't care if multiplayer is a feature but to make such a big deal out of it makes me question the game as a serious addition to the library. Of course, it remains to be seen the degree of lag in this game in multiplayer but I would be very cautious about it. "So what?!" You say about oogling at pre-rendered cut-scenes. So your plan is going to be 'put down $80-100 on a game with just a few new characters and very little enhancements'? It always amazes me how excited people get about a new character. The new characters altogether make up 5% of the game! The environments, the animation, the effects the framerate, the other characters are almost still as choppy and rough as they were over ten years ago. Sorry but why do so many fans not respect themselves enough to demand better from a company that wants them to pay $700 to buy the console and play the game?
  15. The big turn off for me is the multiplayer focus. On NSMBWii the multiplayer was TERRIBLE and laggy. For the game to focus so heavily on this multiplayer aspect concerns me. I play these games myself or with a friend watching or playing. I don't really care for a multiplayer Mario. Also the visual style of Mario is less the problem. I think Brandon is talking more about not having the world be SO modular so repetitious. He just wants to see a world that looks more alive. Also the character needs to be animated better and show greater personality. I was very impressed with the small animation touches in Kirby's Adventure Wii. The character Kirby exuded personalty during gameplay without saying anything. In just a 2D plain with a D-pad and 2 buttons the surprising number of cool things Kirby could do was something to behold. The cartooney style also had a lot of soul. What Nintendo have shown this E3 is not real Mario. Real Mario is what Shigeru Miyamoto envisioned for him back in the 80s and 90s. It is a cartoon that you bring to life with a controller. The 1-dimensional gameplay with 1-dimensional enemies with template based worlds is not part of that original vision. This E3 is, as has been widely documented, comfort food for fans who have been neglected for five or so years. Smash Bros looks crap, its the pre-rendered cut-scenes that you guys are oogling over. The gameplay looks as choppy and jagged as it was on the gamecube. The director of the game even said hes not changing much due to the popularity of past iterations. Big mistake. You have a new console with great new powers! Itilise them! I'm sorry but when Nintendo and its second-tier dev teams are ready to really pull your there finger out on more than just one game then I will buy a Wii-U. I was also annoyed at Ubisobt for not showing any in-game footage of AC Black Flag. Metal Gear looks like it plays great! As well as Watch Dogs. I have already played Wind Waker twice so there's no incentives for me this E3. Wonderful 101 looked good last year but their focus seems to be shifting to those big sweeping moves and I find them a bit... cheesy. The world looks like it could be very fun to explore though.
  16. I collect high-res art from Nintendo's press room. Does anyone knows the username and password for it? Yeah I agree with the lot of you, the Mario 3D formula gets tired quick. Its boxey and lacks any real sense of atmosphere. Oh well. Shigeru Miyamoto always wanted his Mario games to play like interactive cartoons but for the last four or five years Mario could not be further from this idea. He lacks in personality and just spouts self-promoting mantra at every opportunity, Mario games don't have a soul anymore. Mario Kart 8 probably looks like a fun game, but I'm not going to buy a WiiU for it. If I can get Rayman on the PS3 I'll be happy. I was very disappointed to see Smash Bros look identical to the older games. The in-game animation is still as choppy and as poor as the Gamecube version which is not acceptable. The director of the game says that he didn't want to change the game much due to its success. Well that's great I just won't buy it! The pre-rendered cut scenes are great but the sad thing is no-one should be using pre-rendered scenes to sell games these days. Wind Waker? Great game but I've already played it... twice. So all-in-all its been a poor E3 showing for Nintendo in my opinion. But as long as they make millions who cares, right? As long as people lap up whatever they are given why should Nintendo change anything? So yeah does anyone have access to the press site and hi-res artwork?
  17. dfcentre

    Kirby Wii

    Finally decided to get this game yesterday when it was discounted in Australia. I have been a big fan of Kirby since Kirbys Adventure. All I will say it HAL Labs have done what EAD themselves have not been able to do for a loooooong time... put a smile on the ol' dial. The screen shots can't do this game justice. The animation is WILD. Kirby is... well Kirby at his best. Ultra dynamic and enjoyable I've only played it for a few hours today and some of those hours were witha friend and it surprises and delights in so many ways. Even with my limited playtime I know this game will be going in the vault for my family to play in the years ahead. In Australia the game has been discontinued for a while, if you are lucky enough to come across a copy even at the top end of the price (ie $54), get it. I stubbornly waited for Target to slash the price and risked losing the game cos I didn't know how much fun it would be. DO NOT HESITATE TO get it. In terms of music, I'm so happy to see that HAL didn't just rely solely on the previous soundtracks but have made new and catchy tunes that suit Kirby just the same. Thankyou HAL. Although I am only part way through the game I can tell you will be pleasing my nostalgic and exploration sides.
  18. I suppose I like to back up what I say with some things I've noticed. Actually because they've appears in multiple games I see them as benchmarks more than details. Not being as careful with my words as I should. Having always been a more detail-driven guy than most, some people hate that but I guess can't please everyone. Mario dons a new costume and has a few new ways to float and that is flagship title material? I do hope they are holding back on something big for launch because really every Nintendo home-console has launched with more than that (for its time). Pikmin 3 might be great but attention-grabbing factor I do question, perhaps unfairly I don't know. Back when Luigi's Mansion was being revealed for GC people marveled at the new, satisfying gameplay, the physics, the attention to detail and even to some extent the unique story and Luigi's comical animation, it was a worthy launch title, in the same way that the Wii was just so attention-grabbing! This motion control device could (arguably) enhance EVERY ASPECT of gaming (in hindsight a naive thought but imagination is a powerful thing). The SNES and N64 need no explanation of launch awesomeness. Then there's WiiU, not really sure what to make of it even after a good few years of being in development. That's really it for me. I'll be back to 'eat my words' if I'm wrong come Autumn (my Spring). Here's hoping.
  19. Derrit, the Wii might have a been a success financially but any hardcore gamer will admit the games in general on the console over the past years have been... "less than" what Nintendo can do. That's fine but at least then give us something now for a product launch lol. Without sounding like a prick my friends know that I have a pretty good eye for a good game and the series of indicators I'm being shown by Nintendo are slightly concerning, I'm NOT SAYING DOOM AND GLOOM. I'm just saying they are losing touch with hardcore gamers. Judging buy the indicators we've seen now, can you blame me for reaching this conclusion. Nintendo are slipping into shallow-ware territory. Great for the kids and printing money. Boring for others. Project100 is looking innovative but that's it from them. Beyond some sexy depth-of-field effects Nintendo haven't delivered in the way of wow factor. a) Yeah fine. Its just a name. Whatever. Leveraging the success of the Wii might pay off. b,c,e) I'm not making assumptions here its the standard thing you just gotta have a decent hard-drive if you want to store lot of useful stuff, like textures in the HD age. No point debating. Why make everyone pay extra for an add-on they will need when a big game comes out. Just put a decent hard-drive in and voila. Confidence from the developers that the WiiU can deliver the same fidelity and detail as other consoles would be a good thing to have from the get go. Actually confidence that it can do BETTER than the others would be preferable if Nintendo really want to reel in some big titles. d) You're welcome. f) I did, thanks. Its an indicator. g) Just another indicator to me, I'm glad you enjoy Nintendo's direction. I'm not saying they'll go bust, just can't wait for this casual, iterative, Mii-infused, focus to blow over. Overflow, yeah Big-N doesn't really have much to show themselves at this stage. All I can say is they've had years to prepare for this, perhaps they are waiting for a time closer to the launch to really WOW us. If they release in late November which is the general holiday thing, then we can expect more info around September, I hope between now and then they can produce a stronger pitch to me as an actual gamer.
  20. What I've been doing is asking questions and posing views. Quit whining and just 'call me out' if I make a mistake. a) Erm, companies/parents spend time coming up with decent names because its important, you are hoping people will say the name and not feel like a tool when they do. Wii was already a stretch and now WiiU? Sound like something weird that is done with a partner in the shower, but there's no point debating the name. Wii took off so prolly WiiU will fly too. Most poeple in conversation will probably just say "the Wii", or "the Nintendo" which is what I say. But its not going to help give a serious image to the console just like Wii never had a serious image. Good for the Wii but do you know how much time it takes to load from discs all the texture maps for real HD content? Believe it or not IT'S HIGHER. c) and e) So you say. If the DL based structure parallels the Wiis then there will be concerns with hard-drive space. If you've ever played a decent game on the PS3 will good texture work you'll know that having ample hard-drive space is important, its pointless to debate against this. But until we don't know the specs, lets hope Nintendo concede and put a decent sized hard-drive in this time. d) Kids who are really into videogames get magazines and check out websites to see what's new and see reviews etc. Hell I did, kids aren't stupid, some of them are most likely more in-touch than we are, lol. Magazines and news sites hype E3 like crazy. Don't know where this point came from to be honest. f) Y'know what I find pretty dumb to say... "Maybe you should go have a break for 15 minutes then come back and play" or whatever I've heard that Nintendo say in the recent games. I would find it pretty lame if I bought a game that would constantly prompt me to stop playing, lol. Sorry, but that does make me question the demographic or at least the intelligence of the target audience for that game. g) I didn't say anything bad about past Zelda games, albeit I didn't buy Skyward Swords but that's just a personal preference thing based on what I heard and read about it. Don't know where this came from. My concerns were for the future Zelda games. If they're gonna be a casual affair chances are I will have the exact same casual apathy right back at it. You are right in that it would be ideal to keep more in touch with what's going on more on these forums and in the videogame industry. I used to be a 3D artist for a company that had investor issues, so I have some insight into the industry and how difficult it can be to break into. Having said that Nintendo are veterans at this. They are capable of great things, but ever since Wii Music unveiling I've been apathetic toward them generally and I follow the industry through the PS3 mostly. I still want to be WOWED by Nintendo which is why I reanimate myself for E3, lol. For ol' times sake. Perhaps if I keep an eye on them maybe they will grab my attention and get a WOW, but till then if the PS3 can deliver, that's it. Resident Evil 6 looks fantastic I almost had tears. Rayman looks great but yeah I just need true WOW from Nintendo to commit to their next console. Maybe Retro will have that but to be really confident I would like to see it in the BigN themselves. So yeah its most likely not a midnight launch rush for me. Mark my words though, I'll be back here the minute Nintendo make me 'eat my words'. Here's hoping...
  21. Sorry for being "dumb" about this but I bought Chinatown Wars on DS, played it a bit and got bored. One day when I get a a chance I might give it another chance but the atmosphere was just not there the visuals did not engage me in the environment at all... and I usually LOVE top-down adventures. I'm sorry to offend but until their blockbusters are on a Nintendo console I do have a right to the opinion that there are a number of factors at play which prevent Rockstar from developing their blockbusters on Nintendo consoles and those factors seem to be tech, user-base (most GTA enthusiasts will already have an PS3 or XBox) and the annoying casual image Nintendo is projecting onto their home-consoles (that includes the name 'WiiU', yes). Even if you think I'm dumb for having that opinion I don't care. Do you *not* think developers judge all these things before deciding to invest on making ports? Remember I'm not saying what Nintendo are doing is bad. They've simply made their market and now they want to sleep on it. That's fine. They are smart, they SHOULD be different from the other crowd anyway. I just don't think this is the kind of Nintendo that engages me like it once did. I've been to visit cousins and their kids absolutely love the Wii and NSMB and so if they are happy that's good. It's very fun at parties. I'm just feel apathy toward their current casual formula.
  22. Yes good point with the Hardcore Pro Controller almost forgot about it, haha. Forgive me. Aside from that though GTA Chinatown Wars isn't from the same team as the real GTA fare. Second tier dev studios really don't scream "support" quite like you might think. But yes I was about to mention that the hardware is a big factor also. On the Gamecube those piddly 1.5 Gig discs couldn't literally fit the game on them. The Wii's piddly hard drive meant crap load times and other major unworkable issues. I have a strong feeling the same will be the case with the Wii U for that same reason. I hope the hardware will be changed before launch to at least allow ONE BIG game to be offloaded to the consoles hard drive... to be safe they should look at current blockbuster games and make their console with a harddrive AT LEAST 1.5 times bigger. Anything less and they do risk people having to wait a long periods for good HD experiences and developers (including Nintendo themselves) just WILL NOT risk producing mammoth blockbusters on it. Check this out about what Shigsy is thinking about the new Zelda... http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/06/e3_2012_miyamoto_talks_zelda_wii_u_experiments "... and you have some people who prefer sort of those more in-depth experiences." Wow, "some people" and "sort of those more in-depth experiences". I hope it is his lack of English understanding that made him choose these words because they seem like words of a defeated game director who is unable to deliver "those more in-depth experiences". We want Zelda to be a big, epic, fantastical, inspired adventure. Could the gamers who have valued the blockbuster Zelda games of the past be in for a massive disappointment? Maybe Nintendo really can't deliver blockbusters of a standard we expect today. Maybe Nintendo knows now that only young kids are playing their console (and maybe they know that these kid's parents aren't remembering to tell their children to have breaks every hour and so they put reminders into their most recent games to remind them). The Wii was online. Nintendo have learned exactly who their demographic is and this E3 they are showing exactly what they know is gonna sell to their CURRENT DEMOGRAPHIC of casual child gamers. If they can succeed financially with this model then good luck to them. If we older, more discerning gamers really were the majority they would not be pitter-pattering about like they seem to be. I already have a PS3 and I'm not worried bout not buying the next console. It will be the first home console form Nintendo I'm considering not buying but somehow I think Nintendo already know that. Oh and let me just mention, PENIS MONSTE (Ed - I mean) Scribblenauts!!!
  23. Just finished reading the Cracked article: http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-ways-we-know-nintendo-has-lost-its-mind/ That Rayman video he used is awesome! Shame that you need two people to do it but wow, I may need to invite some friends over to my house which is not a bad thing. Honestly Rayman looks like a game worth buying on the WiiU... when/if I get it. ZombiU actually has an interesting sense of urgency because of the look-down inventory. As long as the game is play tested I think that's a cool idea. In real life It takes time to choose what you might need, so its kinda cool that while you think about what tools you might need you might be killed. Survival horror could be on the verge of a new progression in fear. I agree with him about outdated third-party games and social media overload, lol, but I'm sure Nintendo aren't going to force your updates onto random people if you specify you only want your friends to see them, lol.
  24. Interesting question you bring out there. Is it a condition of releasing a Wii U title that developers MUST use the second screen? Sadly, when I think about it, I think the answer would have to be "yes". Nintendo will most likely enforce the second screen because if companies don't use it then it will be seen as a folly/gimmick and Nintendo would look bad. Personally if there was an option for the gamer to use the second screen functionality I'd most likely preference no second screen. Not only would it save the lithium battery, which has been reported to only last 3-5 hours depending on the screens brightness, it would also mean more processing power is devoted to what you see and experience on the TV screen. For Nintendo to be taken seriously they REALLY need GTAV, I agree there. That would show that they really are growing as a company. In the process to make it a welcome celebration it could be packaged as the GTA Welcome to WiiU Bundle featuring GTA3, VC and SA all with enhanced shadow and lighting effects that were impossible 10 years ago. I'll be honest I'd buy a WiiU for that. But the fact remains that everyone who wants a GTA game will most likely have a PS3 and XBox already. So I don't see it happening. Plus I cacn't imagine Rockstar as developers of serious games look at a console called "Wii U" and WANT to publish anything for that!! lol It could in fact tarnish their reputation seriously.
  25. The thought crossed my mind lol. You are awesome Global-Trance! The Luigi's Mansion art makes me laugh. Ocre, you got a bit confuffled with your double-neg. I think you meant to say, "I won't deny Nintendo DID botch this E3, but... ". I think most people here have reached a surprising consensus that right now we won't be lining up like mad, crazy geeks at launch SO FAR. Unless something big is announced we can afford to wait to pick up a Wii U.
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