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  1. Incredible, I think it could be the best Zelda orchestration that I've ever heard! "SamWOW!" Seriously, I'm going to throw in a request that I think that you are up to. If you ever played and loved Yoshi's Island, feel free to give the end sequence music your interpretation. That would be so dang amazing. Part of me thinks you could even weave the final battle into it in a way that rivals Scheherazade's Festival of Bagdad. So impressive. Don't stop.
  2. Wow. Beautiful. Warming. Calming, but also impactful. Great composition!
  3. That's good to hear that the site does use a secure connestion for logging in. : ) Thanks djp
  4. Hi I've been a fan of ocremix since 2000. EDIT: I do not visit the website very often but when I do I like to talk about videogames and their music and remixes in the forums etc. I have noticed that the website connection is not secure. Is there any reason that a website that requires passwords does not have a secure connection?
  5. No comments for 7 years! I've been a big fan of this track since first downloading it those many years ago. The only qualm that I have is the sound quality. The high hats (sorry I'm not musically literate?) and other instruments that are high frequency get really muddy due to the compression. The track was released back when and bandwidth was treasured so I understand why the tracks needed to be compressed, but I would love for Rimco, wherever he is over a decade later, to re publish this track in 320 kbps format. I can dream.
  6. Great arrangement. Agree that the samples aren't the best and it's noticable from the start. I really liked the transitions, they were organic, and had a presence of they own, I don't normally like medleys but this one was great. Having played BotW at a friends house and slightly missing the zelda music it was nice to hear freshly composed. Due to the nature of the samples the track is probably one I can feed into my automated playlist generator system... but if it's ever souped up, I'd include this track with the best of em in a heartbeat!! Thanks for the experience.
  7. Being a bit of a soundtrack lover even with a few LotR tracks in the rotation I was really digging the intro and all the transitions. Its such a dynamic track. The use of the classic, pain-infused Doom music was great. Part way through though, quite early in the piece I thought the anvils (I think they are anvils, im not an expert sorry) were just being a tad overworked. it was dragging the piece down too early. For me I feel like you could have dropped them at 2:33ish except they continue 3:00ish. Part of me thinks there's something else that can be done to the beat to make it imposing,
  8. Great track really been digging it. I must say though I do find the constant fast strumming of the (is it a) banjo starting at 2:09 (but also in other parts of the track) a bit unnatural and too perfect if that makes any sense. Apart from that It's gold!
  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! Ever since I've been on OC Remix I hoped this day would come when someone would do a killer mix of Chicago, my fave track from Perfect Dark. Was just listening to the tired old MIDI from the game and thought, maybe I should check OC Remix... maybe someone remixed it and I missed it.... and I DID!!! This mix is Perfectly Dark, in all the right ways. I feel the aliens took me during it. : ) The dub influence in it is soo neat too. Would not have expected that could work. Kudos. YOU ROCK! Thanks Zas.
  10. The only problem with this is the length. I waited about 10 seconds for the music to kick in again, but it didn't, and having sensed a lot for this track it did leave me only partially satisfied. At 1:20 I definitely think you can experiment and expand on the melody instead of it going "up and out", so to speak. It's definitely going somewhere amazing at that point.
  11. What a surprise! I always listen to the track before reading the description, but yes, I too got lost in this track. Love it. So confident. The arrangement is gold and as a Kirby's Adventure fans even I didn't notice you had blended tracks from different parts of the game. Well done. I feel so old when I think about vgmusic.com haha. My homepage for years was vgmusic.com/new-files hahaha. The only reason I took it off my homepage was my soundcard had to be replaced and midi sounded crappy with the new soundcard. Ah, those were some funny days.
  12. The lag in NSMBWii is not noticeable with two players playing simulaneously. However when you have four players playing simultaneously, try jumping on the spot. you WILL notice a tenth of a second delay that will cause you to die on many occasions. Most people would assume they pressed the button too late and that's why they fell. It's funny for a while... especially at parties. But I think it detracts from the experience and I hope the multiple processors in the Wii U mean the lag is gone. Another thing that really annoys me about the Wii is it fried my Gamecube Memory Card. I rang Nintendo
  13. Yeah. I am also in my mid to late-twenties and a male. Perhaps the most interesting point to make is this. We, on these forums, are probably all mature, adult gamers but have you seen anyone get excited about the incredible, fabulous, gold-coloured, new Cat Mario? No. But Cat Mario is a big new focus of the game! Even before multiplayer. The title of the game even has a cat paw in it! In fact I don't even remember anyone mentioning Cat Mario let alone get excited. Its as if we are too embarrassed to talk about it. Don't get me wrong, I love cats, I have a cat and he is a very important member
  14. Yes its funny, but only because everyone kept dying because the lag was so bad. You can learn to compensate for the lag as I did but still. Bloody annoying. I don't care if multiplayer is a feature but to make such a big deal out of it makes me question the game as a serious addition to the library. Of course, it remains to be seen the degree of lag in this game in multiplayer but I would be very cautious about it. "So what?!" You say about oogling at pre-rendered cut-scenes. So your plan is going to be 'put down $80-100 on a game with just a few new characters and very little enhancements'?
  15. The big turn off for me is the multiplayer focus. On NSMBWii the multiplayer was TERRIBLE and laggy. For the game to focus so heavily on this multiplayer aspect concerns me. I play these games myself or with a friend watching or playing. I don't really care for a multiplayer Mario. Also the visual style of Mario is less the problem. I think Brandon is talking more about not having the world be SO modular so repetitious. He just wants to see a world that looks more alive. Also the character needs to be animated better and show greater personality. I was very impressed with the small animation
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