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Section 8: Prejudice


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Section 8: Prejudice

Platforms: PC, XBLA

Price: $15.00


Section 8: Prejudice is a futuristic FPS I've been playing on PC this past week. It's pretty fun, and a nice change of pace from TF2. The gaming sites have been pretty kind to it reviews-wise, and it's got a couple of interesting features:

  • You respawn by dropping in from orbit; this means you can basically respawn anywhere on the map that isn't protect by anti-air turrets.
  • You can sprint around in 3rd person mode.
  • You get a jetpack.
  • You get lots of customizable loadouts and can earn weapon upgrades.
  • You can purchase and deploy things like turrets, vehicles, and other support hardware on the fly.

The main draw though is that as you're playing a standard capture-the-control-point game, the game will generate mini-missions for your team to accomplish to get points; things like protect/escort the convoy, hunt down the enemy VIP, deliver the airstrike beacon, etc. The dynamic missions really keep the gameplay fresh and gets people moving around all over the map (rarely see any turtling).

Fair warning: the PC version uses GFWL, but despite that, it features dedicated server support for both PC and XBLA versions, which is pretty great.

The game even features a fairly substantial single-player campaign to teach you the entire system.

Best part is that it's pretty cheap; $15 bucks on Steam. If you're looking for a fresh MP experience, try this out. It's a pretty good package for the price.

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I've heard good things about this game, and the the few bad things I've heard about it are from people that were really serious players from other games.

It certainly looks cool, kind of like Tribes and Unreal Tournament mixed together. Hell, the price is right!

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I used to have GFWL, it's a little stuttery getting installed (what program isn't eh?) but I didn't have no problems with it running. Liked having my XBL Gamercard on it. Ran ok, the interface was a little confusing but not something that would take too long to get used to. I'll undoubtedly have to use it again when I reinstall Red Faction Gorilla or GTA4 on Steam.

Tried Section 8 on the 360. In general, I liked it. Didn't get too far in it though. Probably difficulty issues. I tend to judge every shooter against Rainbow Six Vegas 2, a lot of shooters just don't stand up.

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