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  1. What's up, avatar twin? :D You should totally come back on ocremix, it's been two months!

  2. Thanks guys! Taking all the feedback directly to heart. This is why I love this site. <3 This thing can still go in many many directions, since as Calum said, we've only used a small fraction of the theme so far. Albeit, imo, possibly one of the best parts too. xD It's not schizophrenic enough yet? Sweet! Give us more excuses to go totally nuts with this, hahaha. xD I'll be sure to throw an update in here once it's worthy of being posted. Some of the newer additions don't quite stick with me, and I do want to do some of the EQing already to make it sound less cluttered/full. This is just something I usually do at the very end, so bear with me on that with the current version. I'll make sure to give some TLC to the orchestral section too. More nods to FF7 themes, consider it done. There's already a really small nod to the battle theme and the FF13 battle theme in there too. But probably really hard to hear if you're not aware of it or looking for it. xD Thanks again guys!
  3. Really? I didn't know that. I did read about sampling being an issue a looong time ago I think, but to be fair, I'm not exactly sure this is OCR material to begin with. We'll definitely try subbing it though! I just want to make sure with all the help we can get, that this will be a solid mix that will be enjoyable to listen to, whether it's on OCR (preferrably lol), or other outside sources. And in my opinion this is the best place to look for that help. I love you guys and this community. <3 That's very encouraging, thank you! My initial feeling after sleeping a night on it was that we kinda lost the "dark feel" the original has. I'm pretty sure we managed to capture a little of that essence in the first 45 seconds, but lost it after that. It's great to hear that you think the other styles add to it, rather than detriment from the feel. Our mixes are always generally around 6-8 minutes, so this is definitely only the beginning, haha! I always do the balance checking near the end of the project cycle, but when I listened to it on my headphones earlier I didn't hear something like that. I'll look into it in the settings to make absolutely sure. Thanks! That really does mean a lot to us. I think we (genesis and I) were both kinda anxious about this, for the reasons outlined in the OP so it's at least reassuring to hear positive feedback so soon. I'm looking forward to your constructive feedback!
  4. The original has always intimidated me so much. Perhaps it's because it's held in such high regard, maybe it's because it's such an awesome source to begin with or it could be because previously I dont think Genesis (the other half of DigiE) or myself ever quite figured out how to approach it. Now I'm already quite sure this raw attempt will raise quite a few eyebrows. Hopefully not too much dislike, though! The song seems to suffer from schizophrenia already, which is exactly why some feedback would be very helpful! One side of me thinks it may be a good thing since it's been remixed a lot, but not quite like this -- yet the other side thinks it may be too much, and it'd be better for it to have one (two, or three max) direction/s total. As it stands right now it has four/five music styles already in less than 2"30, which may be too crazy. Even for us. EQ still needs a lot of loving also. I hope you can help us get a more solid grip on this remix attempt! Thanks in advance for both listening and for getting back to us, if you do.
  5. Happy Birthday Section Nemesis!

  6. Well, for me it's not just about Mega Man at this point. That's just the straw that broke the camel's back. Phoenix Wright fans have been given the shaft recently. It's quite possible we won't see this franchise outside of JPN anymore. Which saddens me greatly. Guess I'm going to have to learn Japanese at some point. Resident Evil has been on a decline (subject to opinion, I preferred it when it had any kind of horror in it, something RE4 did still have at certain points) and while a spin-off, Operation Raccoon City is not helping the action approach the series has been favoring. I have my eye on Revelations though. I'm not sure what's up with Monster Hunter. They're refusing to localize Portable 3rd overseas, and I hope that won't become a trend (like Phoenix Wright). Devil May Cry used to be my favourite series (not just from Capcom). I'm not even sure what they're trying to do with DmC (aside from trying to troll 5 million copies off of consumers apparently), but this is subject to opinion as well. As it is now, the game plays horribly slow, with zoom effects and hit-slowdowns... it seems more akin Heavenly Sword than Devil May Cry. Which, I guess, is not all that surprising considering the developer. Then there's the other things that have been piling up for years now. Mainly things like the lack of a new God Hand, Dino Crisis, Dark Stalkers, Onimusha, Power Stone, Strider, Clock Tower-- etc. They're just mainly focusing on their Fighting franchises right now (which are selling pretty good last I heard, so hey) and taking little risks. The whole within-a-year expansion of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is outrageous as well, if you ask me. Though not to be a total downer, on the plus side dragon's Dogma looks good and CyberConnect2's Asura's Wrath looks badass as well.
  7. My main problem with DOA games, while being extremely fun to play, is that online favors the defensive player. Ofcourse, that opens up a whole new line of strategy by trying to play unpredictable (quite a challenge for me back when I was really into DOA, I mained Jann Lee), but if they guessed right 4 times in a row I have to admit I started looking for my salt shaker. Then there's a whole other issue of that cheating A.I... The amount of times I got close to a 100 victories in survival and then... Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one to have experienced that. The trailer looked really good though. I'm digging the influences to the environment, it really looks like it's part of the fight.
  8. Alright, I don't think I'm too late yet, but you got my vote! LOVED the reference to the AC2/Brotherhood theme you put in there. Something the original was sorely missing, might I add.
  9. Last I heard/read of it, it was supposed to come in 2014. Somehow 2012 seems way too soon for me (well, for my wallet really). If 2012 is accurate, or even 2013, then it's going to be an expensive few years ahead of me. xD
  10. I've heard good things about this from my friends who've bought it. I'm definitely looking into checking this out at some point!
  11. Wow, this is really great! I'm a huge fan of the source music and trance in general, so this really sounds doubly amazing for me. As far as I'm concerned, you're really headed into the right direction with the mix. PS @ Melody: That was some sick shreddage in there.
  12. @ AJ-enova

    That's Tarissa, our third person (in our music thingy). :)

    That's her account, and she wanted to share it with people on NG and we didn't really have any problem with that.

    Thanks for looking out for us though! :D

  13. Hey I jsut thought I'd let you know that someone uploaded your ReMix 'Turnabout Trance' onto Newgrounds The uploader's ID is Nemesis Theory. If thats you then cool, jsut letting you know in case it was someone stealing your work... Take Care

  14. I definitely blew two of my three fuses when I heard the After Burner remix, since I played that game a lot when I was younger. I promptly tracked that down on the soundtrack and had it on repeat for days. I'm pretty much of opinion that the entire game is made of platinum win.
  15. This is really sad news, I really liked his work in Tekken especially, but that may be because that's the work I was most familiar with. He'll be sorely missed, and I hope he rests in peace.