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OCR02338 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Glenn'

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Remixer Name: Squint

Real Name: Hai Nguyen

userid: 32682

Game Arranged: Chrono Trigger for SNES

Song Arranged: At the Bottom of the Night

Additional Information: Yasunori Mitsuda, original composer.

In the Bottom of the Night:


Theme of Love, "Rosa's Theme":


Hey guys, first things first - I'm sorry. Yes, I did another Chrono Trigger piece. But wait, wait, I can explain! Before I submitted my first piece ("Gusty Piano in a Garden"), I had already finished "To Far Away Inspirations" (<crossing fingers for acceptance>), was putting the finishing touches on this one, and had started another one that I might submit (from FFVII...again, sorry!). At that time, I had only really been writing this stuff for my own benefit (didn't even consider that they could get onto OCRemix), so I didn't feel the need to try my hand at something uncommon, y'know? Now that this one's done, I figured I might as well send it in and see what you guys think. If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure there aren't any mixes on the site for this particular track. :)

Also, I wanna say thanks once again to Vinnie, as he once again helped out with the production on this one, which makes three in all. I swore to him that this would be the last of the bunch, since now I can start fresh with recordings and all that, and hopefully get my own software for quality recording.

Anyway, to the piece itself. This track is one of the first things I can remember trying to copy when I was a kid, right when I got my first demo version of Finale. Of course, back then, I was just trying to copy it note for note, but yeah, I've always admired how this piece adds so many different parts one by one, and then they come together to culminate into something so sad, but so beautiful at the same time. I thought it would be really cool to try and emulate this with just the piano, since it's such a versatile instrument and can really play as many parts as needed, so long as the composer is creative enough to cram 'em all in there somehow. Of particular inspiration was Zohar's "Concert Paraphrase," where he takes the B Section of "Yearnings of the Wind" and beautifully presents it with two hands, nothing seeming out of place at all. Incredible. I also am not ashamed to admit that I took inspiration from his intro to "Concert Paraphrase" in writing the intro to "Glenn."

And now I'm babbling. The piece is definitely more classical this time around. It just came out that way, I guess. And I also sneaked in a portion of the Theme of Love from FFIV (Rosa's Theme), just because it sneaked up on me somehow while I was just plunking out ideas! It fits surprisingly well.

So yeah, I hope you all like it. And don't worry, I have plans to start work on a piece for a game that somehow has no representation on OCRemix at all!


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I love your arrangements, they are so fantastic. To me, doesn't matter what game we are talking about, do what inspires you! Anyways, the level of personalization you add to these tracks really makes listening to them a unique, personal experience everytime. There isn't much to critique here, but to nitpick, some parts are feeling a little mechanical, and overall this could use a healthy dose of rubato in just the right times to add that anticipation of what's next. Lovin' it.


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Good genteel stuff here. Had a nice intimate sound, but I initially had a hard time making out a lot of the direct sources in this. It's really due to the embellishments being so liberal that I frequently felt like the source tunes were constantly phasing in and out of the arrangement.

The piece was 3:48-long, so I needed 114 seconds of overt source usage so that they were the dominant part of the arrangement:

:02.75-:05.5, :22-:30, :37-:49, :51-:54.25, :56-1:06, 1:08-1:10, 1:12-1:34, 1:38-1:40, 1:42-1:46, 1:47-1:50, 1:53-1:59, 2:04-2:06, 2:12.75-2:20, 2:21-2:25, 2:28-2:31, 2:49-2:51, 2:54-2:56, 3:07-3:31, 3:33-3:41

That said, even with my stopwatching, the themes were overtly in play for more than 2 minutes (2:07.25 minutes, to be more precise) just off a quick look. There could be other areas that I was missing, even though I'm pretty familiar with both.

Honestly, a little too busy for my personal taste, but it's nonetheless a very creative, sophisticated take on both themes. The Theme of Love cameos were nice, and I really enjoyed the brief interplay of the themes.

And the VERY quiet opening of the melody from :37-:43 and gradually bringing up the intensity by 1:06? A thing of beauty. Nice work!


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