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I want to increase the remix size limit...

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djp made the site, djp makes the rules, and djp makes the exceptions. As I see it, the only problem with allowing longer mixes is the evaluation, as they still have to be cohesive and not bad medleys, and have enough source and not 80% original solos and shredding, which leads us to the staff/inbox problem - everything submitted gotta be evaluated, and someone's gotta listen through all those >10minute-tracks and know them well enough to say if they're cohesive and have enough source.

Requiring ppl to have a remix posted already would prevent random newbs from submitting their 40-minute "epics", keeping the number of looong subs down while still allowing ppl to get them on the site if they meet the standards.

It's still a bandwidth issue, so perhaps those mixes should be posted right before a torrent is released, so ppl can get it that way instead of everyone getting it from the mirrors. Beyond that, it's just the same as a few regular mixes in file size, so it's not that big a deal compared to not having torrents up to date.

Just my suggestion.

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