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Awesome progressive metal representation! And a terrific mix concept too. I've never considered what the inside of Bowser's head would sound like, but I'm pretty sure this would come close to it. After spending so much time outfitting your lair with booby traps, lava pits and minions, I'd be pissed off watching someone traverse it all without breaking a sweat too.

This mix is littered with ingenuity and complexity, and operates on dual levels of the stylistic spectrum. It goes from technical metal wizardry to an undeniably brilliant traditional heavy guitar climax. It conveys its narrative about as well as any mix I've heard on the site, and does it with style and substance. On top of that, and most importantly, it's just a great listen.

You'd be mistreating yourself to not give this at least a once-through. The genre may not be for every pair of ears, but its hard to deny the amount of skill present in it.

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