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OCR03209 - *YES* Final Fantasy 9 'Ground Zero'

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'Ground Zero'
source: The Soulless Villiage Bran Bal
*for Fishy's FF9 project

FF9 has a great soundtrack, but most of it is in weird styles I have trouble arranging. Luckily I was able to settle in with the Bran Bal theme, which is probably one of the most accessible tracks on the OST for me, remix-wise. I would have liked to have had that world map tune, but some other fgt beat me to it. > :D

This mix was somewhat inspired by AeroZ's 'Lore of the Ancients' from the first FF5 album, which I'm sorta referencing with the opening line that carries through the track. I didn't want to mess up Nobuo's beautiful melody, so most of the details are in the harmonies and backing track. Enjoy!


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