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I like what I'm hearing. Your composition is impressive. I have to say that the kick is waaay hot, and needs to come down. Actually, It might even need a new patch, because the highs on it are way sharp. Your guitars don't sound synth to me, but your delay on the leads are pretty wild. You should tone them down. The rhythm sounds perfect (good setting and good playing). I also really enjoy your synth stuff. I think your techno "industrial" sounding drums were sick as well. All said, I like the track. Good job:razz:

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thanks for the feedback. The kick does have the highs boosted quite a lot to help it cut. A trick I stole from Lamb of God. I guess I didn't quite pull it off.

I'll tweak that and the delay on the leads to make it sound a bit cleaner before I sub. :)

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Not so fast:mrgreen:

So what do we have here?

From the first seconds of the mix, your drums(rocky) sucks!:-D

Not because of kick or whatever.. This drums just sucks)

But after this I hear nice(fucking great) electronic drums. So I'd suggested to use ONLY electronic drums.

This is it! replace rock drums with electronic, drop in loudness lead synth at 3:40 and DON'T MESS WITH LEAD GUITAR(it is perfect)!!

Also I have a strange feeling when choir(or whatever) appears from nowhere around 0:50.

After this GO AND SUB IT!

You're ahead me in practice and training for years to come..

Good luck Man!!

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I'm not sure I agree about the drums.

Hear me out: The kit I'm using is the fairly popular "Drumkit from Hell". I've heard these drum samples used in a few different contexts (including on the front page here on OCR) and I really think they're solid; however, I fully accept that maybe I'm not mixing them to their greatest potential.

Do you really think they are unsalvageable, or is there anything in particular about them that you think I could address? These are easily the highest quality rock drum samples I have access to, and I don't think I can upgrade without dropping something like 400 dollars.

In short, what specifically do you not like about these samples? I really want to make them work.

of course, I'll look into all the other stuff you mentioned as well, and I might try to make some electronic percussion for the rock parts....I'm not sure. I'll have to mess with it a bit.

Anyway, thanks for listening and sharing, as always! :)

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My main complaint is cymbals. Sounds same as any synth samples. Anyway this is not a big deal to OCR, i suppose.

The snare is kinda soft in attack and has sustain only in highs freq, without almost nothing in mids. It is not EQ'ing issue. Most of electronic samples sounds that way. And I dunno how to make them sounds more realistic. I'm not a drum master or whatever, so I can't help or even explain.

Actually the only nice thing in this drums is a kick. But in this remix it kinda overpowered.

As I said some time ago, you can download Addictive Drums demo version for FREE! It has great snare, kick and some cymbals samples and lot of mastering stuff. You can use it for snare and cymbals, for example.

Anyway, do as you like! You making awesome stuff, which is sounds lot better then mine. So I guess i need to shut up and stop annoying you and others:mrgreen:

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