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OCR02427 - *YES* Donkey Kong Country 'Depth of the Deep'


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ReMixer name: nintendude794

Game(s) Arranged: Donkey Kong Country

Name Of Arrangement: Depth Of The Deep

Name Of Song(s) Arranged: Aquatic Ambience

Ahoy again, Judges!

I hope y'all have fared well in the nearly-a-year it's been since the judgement of my Jolly Bowser's Road.

I've had this new submission in its current state for almost exactly six months. I figure there's no better time than now to send it on up there. One thing, though: since it's another piano performance recorded into GarageBand, the dynamic range--I mean, like, the variety of audible intensities on the various keys--makes the volume unbalanced again. For example, regarding my last submission, DarkeSword mentioned having to turn up his speakers to hear my higher-pitched parts over the ambient noise of his room; likely a similar problem again this time.

Why do I bother sending it in then? This is stupid and noobish, but basically I can't figure out how to do Dynamic Range Compression--recommended to me in the workshop--in GarageBand. So the way I see it, before I do any even further investigation, I ought to verify I'm not wasting my time in doing so: in the event that y'all feel nothing else is wrong with it, I have reason to look even harder into correcting the issue as to let it pass y'all's examination.

About the remix:

0) Once again endured a similar/same-as-always Arrange, Experiment, Organize, Improv {A.E.O.I.-- almost had all the vowels, darned U!} sorta process leading up to this here remix

1) Got a Yamaha DGX640 for Christmas

2) Recorded and edited this--my first project with the fancy new keyboard--together in only approximately 3 hours.

3) A year ago, I realized Aquatic Ambience is my favorite videogame theme of all time, largely thanks to Vigilante's mix from Kong In Concert, "Beneath The Surface". My iTunes play-count on that track? Uhhhhh......... Anyway, DK Country is the first videogame I ever played.

4) Folks in the Workshop forum seem to dig it

5) Hopefully y'all do too! Enjoy!

Sincerely with Thanks,

Hunter "Rubix" Short, a.k.a. nintendude794

P.S.: I've recently started to [try to] learn FLstudio; perhaps sooner than later my sucking-ness shall cease! :D :/

Sent from my iPad


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this is a pleasure to just relax to. it's really conservative in how it handles the source (for some reason, most AA mixes are), but the little flourishes and harmonies added are wonderful, and the rhythmic shifts in the second half are fun. arrangement runs a little long imo, and there were a couple noticible flubs in the performance early on but overall I thought this was pretty well-realized.


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Pretty nice ideas added to the very classic original; I do agree that it also feels a little too long, but the melody itself is so enveloping that it flows really nicely as a relaxing and extended song. THe piano sound is nice, with just a little bit of delay, and the playing feels very natural.


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Yeah, I think this is great as far as arrangement goes. It started off pretty conservative, but had some great ideas as it went on. I fell in love with the minimal section in the middle, where it felt like you were just playing enough notes to keep the song moving. That was a great dynamic. The piano sound is not bad, though the higher notes tend to stand out more. I do think we need to raise the volume level of this track before it go up, but once that's done, this should be G2G.

YES (conditional on raising volume)

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I've only heard this now, but concur with the other Js. Great arrangement that really picked up in interpretation in the 2nd half, but IMO was even where it needed to the be with the approach of the first section due to the personalization involved. I agree with Palp that it needs a volume boost, so I'm just throwing that in there, but if that's not possible, I'll live.

The piano realism could definitely be improved, but what's here works. Great arrangement, Hunter!

YES (conditional)

EDIT: Got a slight volume bump from Hunter for the track, and we're good to go! YES

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