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Still playing Battlefield 2?


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I haven't played in about a year but there should still be a good amount of people playing it. You won't have too much trouble finding a server with good ping for your favourite maps. The maps with planes destroys the fun for me though. Planes can destroy anything easily, and you can hardly touch them. As soon as you enter any vehicle, a plane comes along and drops bombs on you. SAMs are worthless against them.

So I tend to stick to servers without vehicles or just maps without planes. Despite that, I find it hard to believe that BF3 could match the greatness of BF2s multiplayer, me loves it so.

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You know, after all the BF3 coverage, I fired up my old copy of Battlefield 2 and played against some bots and had a blast. There are still servers up with a lot of players. Honestly though, unless you really dig older games, I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying it at this point though with BF3 just around the corner.

And I can't wait! I haven't been this hyped over a game since BF 2142. I liked Bad Company when it first came out, but there were some issues that I had while playing online that ultimately turned me off to the whole series. I didn't even bother with Bad Company 2 because I got hooked on COD and SOCOM around that time.

I gonna give BF3 a shot and hope it doesn't disappoint me.

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