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Team OC ReMix [Halo2 Clan]


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We need to go back and record a new game on Halo2 sometime so I can see if singing Still Alive will work at all.

Probly not.

But it SHOULD turn out better than with NO voice mask.

If it works, I will call it a triumph.

I'd make a note here:


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Your mo-*shot*

So yeah. We haven't played in, like, 8 years.

More like 8 MILLION.


But Mass Effect is a bit more..fuck, I forget the word I'm looking for. Not involving...


I dunno.

Reid and I played a couple of games the other day at his place though. *shrug*

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Some good shit last night.

Played with redchlorine, Stryker, Icy and Enn..and..well, that was mostly it, I guess.

Or did toothy end up joining us for a bit? I don't remember.

Deimos was AceCombatSnobbing it up, and Xeno was busy with Boom Boom Rocket, but regardless, some good matches were had.

And a whole lot of Infection.

It was a triumph.

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It does, especially since "Still Alive" (yes, the Jonathan Coulton track, not the Grateful Dead track) is going to be in Rock Band's DLC list in the future.

I was thinking about picking Rock Band up, but the price tag, my lack of real storage space, and the release of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 on March 18th have all proved to be problems.

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