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Team OC ReMix [Halo2 Clan]


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Yup, we're back and...better than ever?

Okay, not gameplay-wise, but community wise, WE SHALL PWN.

So anyone who wants to join, post here. I check OCR pretty much daily, so invites shouldn't go unnoticed for long.

I also plan on making my good pal The wingless co-overlord, and good times shall be had by all. So...c'mon!

I'll be on for an few hours after posting this thread, so if you get on Live and message "WesPip", i'll send you the clan invite right then.

That about covers it, I think.


The official gathering time of the clan is currently set at 9:00pm Central-Standard Time. Try to be on around that time whenever you can.

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Hooray for a new clan.

Gamertag is still Z 5aber.

Anyone actually buying the maps Monday? I'm sure you are all aware, but for the sake of those who aren't I'll explain. Two maps are free, two are not. I'm undecided about it really.

Gamertag: SupremeSpleen

I'd wait for the disk with them on it. That way, you have them in case you lose them.

Plus, the disc has got extras. Extras = ownage.

I need to fix my headset.

Right now I have to tape it on.

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Z 5aber, i already sent you an invite last nite, 'cause you were actually on my friends list. As for the rest of you, I've jotted down your Tags, i might go on quickly later for the purpose of adding you...We'll see. If not, expect an invite by Sunday @ 9, latest.

[Wingless my good friend, feel free to take care of invites should it so please you.]

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