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  1. Your mockery of bonus room themes makes me sad. Looking forward to seeing what mixes will come out of this project. Heck, I might even try my hand at a mix; I should probably get on that so I don't get stuck with Lost World Anthem again (like I did on OLR's project).
  2. It does, especially since "Still Alive" (yes, the Jonathan Coulton track, not the Grateful Dead track) is going to be in Rock Band's DLC list in the future. I was thinking about picking Rock Band up, but the price tag, my lack of real storage space, and the release of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 on March 18th have all proved to be problems.
  3. I reckon we should play together again one of these days. How can we not? I mean, I finally memorized "Still Alive," so we need to...harmonize.
  4. Your mo-*shot* So yeah. We haven't played in, like, 8 years.
  5. Icy Guy

    Halo 3

    Word on the street is that it comes out on November 16th.
  6. Indeed, they were. Sorry about toasting you guys with the M7057 DP: most of those burns were accidental. Wes, did you get screwed out of the Legendary Achievement? If you did, then all you have to do is choose "Arrival" on Legendary from the Campaign menu, and watch the cutscene.
  7. Icy Guy

    Halo 3

    sgx, Best Buy is sponsoring a three-day Live Gold promotion. Or something like that. In other news, Bungie team members will be playing matchmaking tonight between 5 and 9 P.M. Pacific.
  8. In other news... *looks at Strykr's gamercard* ...someone got Halo 3 early. Lucky S.O.B.
  9. yay promotion omg thx And I'm up for some Halo 2 Saturday night, although I'll probably leave the room if the party leader decides to do matchmaking. Now that the Halo 3 torrent is out, even more people are going to have access to it so they can spoil the ending for those of us who don't want it spoiled. Jerks. That teleporter coming up was pure dumb luck.
  10. Halo 3's not going to have clan support. The current word on the street is that the Fall '07 Dashboard update will add Live-wide clan support complete with...CUSTOM RANKS! Hoo-rah! I'm planning on buying Halo 3 at midnight on the 25th; failing that, I'll be picking it up later that day. But I won't be playing online until I Finish the Fight so I can avoid spoilers. And since I plan on sticking around, I approve of me being promoted.
  11. There are a lot of assholes in the MLG. They think they're hot stuff because they paid the team entry fee ($160 for a 4-man team, I think) and paid for their accomodations. Most of the top guys (except Gandhi) aren't big douchebags, so it could be said that the amount of douchebaggery you exhibit is inversely proportionate to your team's rank. And most of the people who play Rainbow Six: Vegas on the pro circuit play like absolute trash. "Tactical shooter?" No. Unless needing to emtpy the entire 30-round magazine of an MP-9 into someone to kill then makes it a tactical shooter. Just like randomly throwing frags around the level in hopes of getting a kill. It's insulting to those of us who know how to actually aim a virtual gun. Also, the Halo 2 pros aren't too good at Halo 3, either. One of them posted a video of him playing Rumble Slayer on Snowbound on YouTube. Said video was used as an argument supporting the claim that the Halo 2 pros don't suck at Halo 3. The first thing I noticed was that people really weren't shooting at him. They weren't even throwing grendes. The second thing I noticed was a neat little strategy he was using: he would one-shot his enemies with the Beam Rifle and then finish them off with the Assault Rifle. I realized that he was doing that becuase he couldn't score a headshot. [/rant]
  12. I think his/her Gamertag's "Dead gone Halo2." Why that got prefixed with "IGN is" is beyond me. Anyway, I present to you guys the video of the full game of Royal Fiesta on Zanzibar, in all its half-hour glory (170 MB): http://files.filefront.com/RoyalFiesta+Zanzibarwmv/;8494097;/fileinfo.html
  14. I don't know, but I hope there's more from wherever that came from. Anyway, here's Enn's random singing: http://files.filefront.com/Enn+randomsingingwmv/;8363113;;/fileinfo.html And here's the game in which I FINALLY got a Triple Kill off of two people. All that's left on my Halo 2 checklist is to get a Killtrocity in matchmaking, Killamanjaro in matchmaking, and an Overkill in matchmaking (I've come SO DAMN CLOSE, but I'm cursed with a 23-kill max spree ).
  15. It sounds like you're welcoming us to the jungle of Halo 2. Which reminds me... http://files.filefront.com/Deimos+sings+WTTJwmv/;8347084;;/fileinfo.html
  16. I think I'll go back to the maximum-of-one-vid-per-day release schedule again. Not only will that minimize the amount of time my computer/network is tied up with encoding/uploading each day, but it will also give you guys time to download and digest each new video. Today's offering contains the lovely singing of Deimos' sister: http://files.filefront.com/Deimossister+singswmv/;8338471;;/fileinfo.html
  17. VIDEO TIME: http://files.filefront.com/SniperTag+Geminiwmv/;8331750;;/fileinfo.html And before you guys ask about the message at the end, read this.
  18. I'd like to apologize for completely spoiling last night.
  19. The X Games (SHADDUP) broadcast should be over at around 8. After I go light another candle in my backyard shrine to my 360, I'll probably hop online. And remember to change my status, because I forgot Halo 2 doesn't automatically set your status to Online like the 360 does.
  20. Where have I been? In mourning. Or, more precisely, hacking GoldenEye 007. (You haven't played Runway until you've played it with an A.I. co-op buddy.) But, because you are correct in that I need to show some original Xbox love: *turns original Xbox on* Once the Conker crowd signs off (or if I feel the urge to strangle various members of the community), I'll probably head onto Halo 2.
  21. 4 Running Riots? 28 Sniper Kills? "Pwnage of Epic proportions" indeed.
  22. Major Halo pwnage at E3 thus far. First there was the live-action short, "Arms Race," and then there was the Halo 3 campaign trailer. Now GameTrailers has footage of Halo Wars up, and there's supposedly a trailer on the Marketplace. And that's to say nothing about the Halo 3-themed Elite and accessories. Anyway, Wes was supposed to sing in this video, but there wasn't a lot of that happening: http://files.filefront.com/WesPip+supposedtosingwmv/;8026571;;/fileinfo.html Watch for an epic kill-steal at the end. In fact, it was so epic, I had to do a replay. Also, I found a bit of news that Deimos might be interested in: http://www.majornelson.com/archive/2007/07/11/ace-combat-6-demo.aspx
  23. Wednesday's vid is going to be "WesPip sings." As in tonight? But...the Microsoft E3 press conference is tonight! Anyway, here's the newest entry in our series, "Deimos sings": http://files.filefront.com/Deimos+singswmv/;8016821;;/fileinfo.html Check out the mad spawn-kill at around 5:50, and listen for the Lockout Eagle at 6:09.
  24. Indeed, it is. Jeff sings: http://files.filefront.com/kilRjfRi+singswmv/;8007038;;/fileinfo.html I'm only going to post one video per day, because some of these aren't exactly short.
  25. LOTS of video to be edited/compressed/posted, and I got a really late start. Let's start things off with 4 and a half minutes of a pregame lobby: http://files.filefront.com/pregamelobby+chatwmv/;7990051;;/fileinfo.html
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