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  1. Figured I'd finally rejoin this area (hadn't been to OCR in about 3 months)/ Wuzzup?
  2. Tall words for someone who didn't play last night cuz he was pissed about Metroid Prime 3.
  3. Oh well. I can be patient a couple more days.
  4. Point taken. Good games shall be had. I think if anyone were to spoil the ending to Halo 3, it will be on the scale comparable to... OMGSPOILERZ!!!!!!! Aeris dying in FF7. I don't care. It still pissed the fuck out of me. What sucks most is every time I think of you or play with you, I'll always remember that and feel bitter. You could have at least (out of pity) let me win that round...
  5. I got teary-eyed. A friend ruined it for me so I'm sure it would have been a bit more emotional if I hadn't known.
  6. Actually if that clan system does end up becoming available on Live, that would mean it wouldn't be limited to just Halo 3. Either way, official clan or not, we are still a clan.
  7. Eh, we can still have our Virtual Clan right here. Same titles and all. The only difference is that Bungie doesn't make it official. I'm still willing to assume my role as Overlord (and I keep forgetting to change that damn pic in my sig to state that fact) as I imagine Deej Valen and Wespip will as well. The only problem I can see with doing this though is that we'd actually have to keep those who want to be in the clan on our individual friends list. So I have a couple ideas how to remedy that. 1) We keep everyone on a trial basis. Those who play frequently and are fun to play with can st
  8. So apparently Gears of War does suck balls online, especially when you get paired up with this guy. Apparently this guy has played in the MLG which you would expect to be a little more mature instead of an ass. But no. Guy trash talks like no tomorrow and is overall just a dick. If you guys ever run into him... ever... just leave. It's not worth hearing him scream at the top of his lungs how much his team (you) suck and leave you bad feedback just because you and his team lost the match. Doesn't matter anyway with Halo 3 coming out next week anyway. But you won't see me playing matches until
  9. You know, I was just about to bug you about that until low and behold I'll download it when I get home from work. Who's up for a few games either tonight or tomorrow?
  10. Gamertag please. I'll send a clan invite later.
  11. Are you sure that wasn't in Halo 1? Because I tested that on a two player match at 100points and it just kept giving me overkill medals every 5 points after 25 =/
  12. ....I must test that. For Science.
  13. Oh gee, ONLY 23!? I think my best legit spree was 17 In any case, SGX showed up the other night and Wespip and I played a couple of games with him. It would seem to me that people are starting to get warmed up for Halo 3(?) Good times And if anyone would like to play a few games this coming thursday I'd be up for a few. Even Bioshock can't keep me away from Halo Oh, and I plan on singing Loser by Beck next time we sing... prepare to have ringing ears for a few days.
  14. Oh....My....God.... .... What the hell was I on when I sang that!? Sweet jesus!
  15. That game was awesome on so many levels Can't wait for the next set of games we do
  16. Good games tonight Icy, fun times Can't wait to see game vids of epic proportions (although my rendition of welcome to the jungle could have been better)
  17. As you were not on (or maybe you were, I was out seeing a movie), I will probably play tomorrow night. Others should join in as well And Wespip, what the fuck? You left without letting me know you were leaving, least you could have done was say "later" or something instead of randomly signing off
  18. Where've you been? I mean, I know your 360 broke, but damn. At least show some old Xbox love with Halo 2
  19. And this is what I call Pwnage of Epic proportions Pwnt
  20. This is good news! Congrats to the both of them
  21. So does that mean no Halo tonight either? And one other thing... 1 month anniverseries don't count
  22. I agree with Wespip, there was plenty of singing. Maybe you were just too stunned by my epic pwnage at the end And I'll be playing tonight (Wednesday). People here should play too.
  23. Yes! That was probably my finest Halo 2 moment ever! Edit: I didn't realize just how epic that kill-steal was until I watched that video. You were about to kill Jeff, then all of a sudden a purple flash of light rips through Jeff's elite's head! Epic... just as you said. Actually, if you look at Icy's death screen before that happened, you see me pick up a beam rifle and get into position from where I sniped for the last point. Awesome Are you fucking serious!? Ima download this RIGHT NOW. Edit (Last one I swear): I would like to do another game night soon. I can play without sufferin
  24. It's okay if you can't make it. But I'll probably be on late, around maybe 10:00 or 11:00. Besides, I need to re-download all the maps since I've migrated to a 360. Edit: That was probably the worst singing ever.... lol. My next songs will be: Loser - by Beck Welcome to the Jungle - Guns and Roses
  25. =/ And I have decided the next song I am to sing when we play again. Anyone up for Tuesday night?
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