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GO! GO! GO, GO MIKE! (Sans vocals)


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wha? No crits on a proto song? 8-O

Oh hell, it's full of chip tunes! Really not my area since it's so... chip..tune-ish... Guess this'll be a short one.

Well, right out of the gate, this is a fun one to listen to. I can groove to it.

I might comment that it switches gears pretty quick, the transitions are abrupt, but it seems to work.

When you put vocals with this, you should mechanize them :tomatoface: 8 bit song should has some 8 bit vocals.

The run at 1:46-1:50 could be made more intense without so much lead. It needs some support there IMHO, not just layering with the lead sound.

Kinda on the short side, I could see a break in there really doing a lot for the composition overall. Esp with the chip tune feel.

Hope that helps.

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As always, badass harmonies abound.


But whatever. It's awesome. The solo around 1:20 reminds me of Back to the Future for no particular reason, so you get bonus points for that unintentional reference.

Once again, I'd kill to see this project file. So much chiptune mastery -- one could learn a lot from this. Just sayin'...

The piece evolves very well throughout with excellent, but subtle, transitions.

The wavering triangle around 1:55 is awesome, hah. Suitably goofy for a WarioWare remix.

The percussion is mixed and programmed perfectly.

I've never heard such thick-sounding chords from a NES. Shit, those sliding chords alone sound like they're breaking the 4 channel "limit" for chiptunes :P Loved 'em.

No complaints, except that I'd like to see you write a piece with exactly zero chiptune elements. Not that I don't friggin' love chiptunes (refer to most of my compositions and remixes and the gigs upon gigs of them in my music library...). Just cuz, y'know?

EDIT: Ah, another thing occurred to me. You and I both tend to write really really really densely sequenced pieces with a lot of moving parts and shifting ideas blahblahblah. It's hard to extend the length of a piece like that without really, truly running out of ideas (or motivation, because let's be honest, writing good synth solos is a little tiresome, though very rewarding). Most of your comps are relatively short and break-free. I'd like to see you maybe write some slower, less complex shtuff with a break or two mixed in so that we can get 4-5 minutes at a time of PROTO goodness instead of the typical 2ish minutes. Buuut, if this isn't something you're looking to pursue, whatevz; the artist has creative license for a reason.

Also, add vocals. THe gogogogogomike stuff in the source is awesome. It adds a cuteness coefficient of 4infinity to the equation. That's a lot, I think.

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Ack! Forgot about this!

Wow Ecgotorotrofofroefregima, you pimp'd me hardcore there; thanks! I agree with you BTW on the length issue, you tend to use up so much of your creative juice on the first 2 minutes you literally cannot see where it's going any more. Something to think about fo' sho'. Yeah I'll be adding my own vocals if I can't get anyone more suitable I guess. :'(

Oh yeah, HeiswhoheisbutwhoamI, that bit you're right about, I could stick some more harmony on that chromatic section definitely. I'll have that nailed in the final mixdown.

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There's no way I can leave this epic remix uncommented!





The beginning was hooking me already! Groovy bass (I'm old school with words here :D), and the panning just works wonders! The harmony is right on the mark, and I love how you manage to create a healthy chiptune soundspace with 8-bit sounds! I don't often listen to 8-bit, but this is amazing!

0:37 left me waiting a bit, which can be good or bad. I was wondering what you were doing with that part with the pause. Maybe you can fix that up so that we're not all anxious waiting like that. Dx

I keep thinking that you're just trying to make us feel like we're listening to a Japanese anime's frantic background music. xD If that's what you wanted, then you've accomplished it all!

0:54 - the arpeggiating synth there was very fitting.

1:12 - I can't help but think that lead synth sounds extremely similar to an instrument from a Pokemon soundfont. o.o Specifically the one for the melody in the GSC rival battles. =D

1:21 - The solo is exactly where I'd want it to be, for sure.

2:11 - The FUNNIEST part. It's like when the character(s) win at something and it all ends with them appearing on screen right in your face with googly eyes, dancing across the screen with a disco floor behind them. xD

Everything already flows smoothly. The only thing left is the ending. I would have liked it to be more cheesy, actually.

I can't wait til the vocals are in there! D<

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