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What to do when drums beats sound like they shouldn't be on the grid.

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Hey, quick composition question here. I'm still a considerable noob when it comes to composition. In my attempts to become more fluent with midi composition I have been trying to recreate some of my favorite video game songs, with little variation from the original. I will put the piece in the background and figure out everything by ear, which generally ends up sounding pretty good (by my standards), however when i take the original peice out of the background & let my work stand on its own I find that the drum parts are occasionally getting out of sync with the melody I have recreated. The whole song in general doesn't seem to match up with the grid and since I have no clue what the original time signature and tempo were I have yet to be able to figure out how to sync the grid up with it. Quantizing doesn't seem to be my answer as the melody that I'm listening to generally isn't on the exact same grid either. What is the best way to easily sync a custom drum beat. There are some elastic audio options that perhaps may be the key... though it seems i may have to export the drum beat and reimport it as an audio file in order to use the 'rhythmic' elastic audio on it.

I am using Protools LE 8 as a DAW. (let me know if i just used the word DAW wrong :P)

I did find that i could mathematically figure out exactly where the notes belonged using the melody as a point of reference, but this process was very time consuming, though I am willing to accept that as well.

It there an easier way about this all, do i need to take the more difficult route? Or should I not focus on having it perfect, but just maintaining the illusion by tweaking it to make sure it sounds right?

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Just set the project's tempo correctly and the grid will line up. Set the tempo to some value, turn on the click track, play the original, and see if the click track goes out of sync with it. If it does, adjust the tempo and try again. Repeat until you've discovered the tempo.

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The other thing that came to mind was that sometimes video game music (particularly NES, SNES, Genesis era) has a loose tempo, ie. various parts desync a bit throughout the song. So sometimes it can be hard to match a track perfectly and still have it fit on a grid 100%.

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