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RoadTripToVegas (what should I do?)


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AT :31, the splash cymbal playing quarter notes should be much wider (wither reverb maybe?) I think, or maybe it should be more tight. It's in between and it feels like it should be one or the other.

Really liked the drums and variations in patterns.

2:08 I totally felt a bass guitar solo coming, but it didn't :(

I like the epic drums and hits in the end!

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Very very interesting! Loving it!

But it sounds like off-vocal stuff. Some emptiness haunting me all over the track. Vocal!! Not lead guitar or bass solo. Vocal!

I don't think that splash need to be wider or something, but pan it to right or left will be nice)

Just imo!

One question.. Dude, why you put all of your guitars at center?


It's not the tone or Eq. He has a awesome tone and freqs choice.

Problem is "mono'ing" :mrgreen:

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