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Guile's Theme (Street Fighter II)


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Alright, first post! I'm psyched! I've been pouring over this for the past few days and can barely stand to listen to it anymore. Fair warning: If you don't like all that electro garbage then you probably won't like this.


I don't know what else I'm supposed to say here other than 'go nuts'!

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I really like the way you manipulate the bass in this, very nice sound and control there methinks. Production wise it sounds pretty good overall.

My main gripe is probably the length. It may be that I'm highly desensitized to Guile's theme, but I'm not sure you've justified the nearly six minutes with the amount of interpretation you've taken. The intro could probably be cut in half. It serves to set up the drop just fine, but you're not really building anything very dramatic for that full minute. The intro is really the only place you'd want to cut length since you've set up your whole 3 rounds motif and I think that works well as it is.

I also think you can make the lead a lot more interesting as the song goes on with some layering, or switching up the voice all together at some point. Should not the final round be much more than the first? Your soundscape isn't bad, but it seems like there is plenty of room for interesting background bits and pieces to decorate the main melody.

That's my 2 cents - give it some thought while you listen to some of your other favorite "electronic garbage" and then see what you can do ;)

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Hot damn!

The Good:

The bass is just SICK at 1:38 (and further sections in the song, but too many to list out). It makes me want to kick ass like Guile.

The insertion of sound bytes from the game into your mix is rather tasteful, in my opinion, especially at 1:37 with SONIC BOOM. Hell yes.

The mix has a good synthetic feel to it, specifically the bass and the arpeggiating square wave. I'm mixed on the synth strings. More comments later.

The "Final Round" is appropriate, both the sound byte and the change-up of the melodies and patterns you have earlier in the song. A fairly solid ending, I think.

The Bad:

I'd have to agree with the intro. You really don't have to do a whole lot before you dive into the meat of this mix with the drop. You could get away with half, or even less, of the intro. 1:37 is pretty long for such a minimal buildup. You don't want to lose your listeners before you drop your awesome bomb on them.

While the synthetic feel is good, I think that your lead instrument needs to morph. Using a plain square wave is cool for a bit, but it gets dry and uninteresting quickly. I think this mix could really do for a more exciting instrument to lay on top of all the electric energy you create with that bass, the strings, and the beat.

The mix tends to be a tad long. It doesn't introduce much that's new from 3:38 to 4:30. This could be where you kick it up to "11", or just cut straight to the chase; the fade out at 4:44. It would take some tweaking of the arrangement, but it's just an idea.

Other Thoughts:

There's a lot more that I like in this mix than what I dislike. You've got a rock solid idea and a pretty sturdy framework to build from and tweak. I definitely want to hear your next iteration of this mix.

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