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OCR02591 - *YES* Metroid Prime 'Lone Star'


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⦁ Pyro Paper Planes

⦁ Christopher Foss


⦁ 25144

⦁ Metroid Prime

⦁ Lone Star

⦁ Epilogue, Ending Staff Roll "Lone Star"

⦁ Composed by Kenji Yamamoto, Kouichi Kyuma



I can remember that, as a child, when I first sat down in front of a

piano, the only song I wanted to play was the menu theme from Metroid

Prime. Of course, I expanded my musical horizon over the years, but

the Metroid series never quite left my heart. And just as I have

grown, the Metroid series still lives on as strong as ever. It's hard

to believe that the Metroid series is now 25 years old now.

So, for this special day, I decided to celebrate by arranging this

piano solo, in dedication to the childhoods of the many who loved (and

hopefully still love) the Metroid series like I do.

The track was close to being scrapped more times than I would like to

think. Originally, I found the piece too repetitive. To complicate

matters, the original track has a complex rhythm and beat, which made

it very demanding to perform on a consistent basis. Even after all my

work, I wasn't very satisfied with the final mix, feeling that it went

on just a little too long for its own good. However, with a bit of

convincing from the community, and a lot of magic from The

Orichalcon's mixing abilities, I'm very proud of how Lone Star has

turned out.

Special thanks must be given to the project leaders of "Harmony of a

Hunter" (especially Darren), and to my friends, as the song would

never have been finished if it wasn't for their help and kind words.

[On a side note, thank you for your time in reviewing my submissions.

It means a lot. -Chris]



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Pretty subtle use of dynamics, but definite changes in intensity. The strong point here is the pretty liberal use of rubato, it really gives the track a lot of space to breathe, and though I do feel the track could have been shorter slightly, as near the end it just started to drag and get repetitive. The sound is pretty nice, with a pretty, warm sound.

Overall I think this could have been edited slightly, but I found it to be pretty enjoyable.


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I will say between the two submissions you sent us, I definitely prefer the other one over this, but they both have their merrits. Both are compelling arrangements, although this one feels a little more stiff due to the rhythms and harder staccato areas. Overall this still remains easily over the bar, regardless.


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