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Your Imagination Is The Best Plugin

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I have to say that I agree with this guy quite a bit. It takes a lot of talent to create music that fits a certain mold but I'm totally fascinated by people who really explore what sound can do and make it work musically. I have to say, this video makes me want to get some sort of field recording device more than I already do.

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He's got quite a few soundsources in Omnisphere. Where most of the other contributors to its sound library are focusing on old synths and stuff, he's the guy that set a piano on fire and recorded that... among other things. Exciting piano strings with an electric toothbrush, recording lightbulbs, amplifying a cello into kitchenware, playing an old car horn into a piano...

For me, without the budget to invest in recording equipment, I've got him in Omnisphere, but I'd much rather do what he does. I have a few ideas, even... ;)

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