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OCR02662 - *YES* Final Fantasy 'Roaming... Please Wait'


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Your ReMixer name: BONKERS

Your real name: Nicholas Steven Perry

Your website:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1310105117

Your userid:31818

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged: Final Fantasy I (Final Fantasy Project:Random encounter)

Name of arrangement: LOADING...Please wait!

Name of individual song(s) arranged: World Map,Gurgu Volcano

Additional information about game including composer, system, etc: N/A

Link to the original soundtrack:

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc:

This song was decisively a very difficult and eye opening experience for me. For one, transforming the loveable very happy and adventureous melodies/feelings of the original song in to a Hard Rock/Metal song without it changing those feelings. Metal songs in generally are usually in just about any mode/key that is NOT a Major Key. The few ,such as Party Hard by Andrew W.K., are condemed by the average Metal Head as "LOl THIS ISN'T METAL" Even though by all means and purposes it sounds Metal(production wise), even if not to the average guy. (disagree? Sue me <(0.0<()

So you can imagine my agony whether to change the song into a Minor without destroying the original Melodic feelings/integrity of the song;I had even had discussions with IBBAZ(aka Kidd Cabbage/Jon Peros) about changing it into a minor, which actually does happen in one section of the song ;);, or find a way to turn it into Major Metal.

Originally, I was going to make an Orchestral Metal/Just Orchestral song. (If you visit the extra site Brandon Strader puts up, you can hear my early attempts at just such a thing) I toiled for months slaving away trying to come up with ideas how to make it work. From scrapping sheet music over and over again , to long walks with my body on auto pilot trying to figure it out. Soon after, I was shown some "Children of Bodom" songs by Strader, following this the song became an attempt to start off as a CoB song that fakeouted into the World Map theme. (another idea you can hear on the side site when it's put up) This too was a BUST, as I could just not make it work and make sense. Then one day, whilst working on sheets I had come up with extensions of the melody, and played some guitar too it. ALL OF A SUDDEN MY MIND WAS BLOWN. Every single line fell into place pefectly and it all worked and made sense. Writing the rest of the song was no problem as I could hear in my head all of the ideas clearly.

Though that is not to say it was without challenge. Without Brandon, who's to say how the song would've turned out. He challenged Ideas that I thought were just fine, but in actuallity ,that I could not see, did not work(such as an extended chiptune section, that was essentially the song evolving from NES to, GENESIS, TO SNES, and planned to,PSX;adding in new lines of music for each hardwares' extended audio capabilities/channels;however each version did essentially sound similar to the original song and as Brandon pointed out to me, it drug on too long. Much to my own dismay I hated the idea of getting rid of it and fought to argue against changing it. I eventually gave in of course, and looking back , for the better.

Where Gurgu Volcano came in, was I believe the song hadn't been claimed yet and I voiced my opinion about probably being able to work it in my song somewhere as a break from the World Map. I came up with concept audio, then working it into the song in various stages/ideas until the current version which was inspired by the Wild Arms Arrangement Album "Rocking Heart"(which is one of my favorite CD's of ALL TIME) I am personally extremely glad the way this section of music turned out. When I finished it for the first time I was impressed with myself, and excited as well.

Technically(not going to say much about this, since it's exactly the same problems I went through with Prelude, so go and read that if you are interested) and logistically, this song, just like the Prelude was a nightmare. This is where I went through trial and extreme error in coming up with ways of making the project file within the DAW Coherent and understandable as well as smart integration of Automation Envelopes, track grouping, Sends/Recieves, you name it. At the end of the day the song ended up being with all tracks counting grouping/sends/recieves/etc/a few unused tracks, 63 tracks large(My average is probably between 30-45). Now that, is at least to me, an extremely large amount of stuff to manage and balance out. But I did. And i'm very pleased.

Anyways,overall the general idea has been that this song was to be done in a way that has never been done before. I think that myself together with the other's working on this project as well as the judge's critcisms, have helped to make this possible. And for that I thank you all. It's been a long road for me personally from spending days thinking of ideas, to coming home from work during the Christmas 2010 season and doing nothing but working on the song, from going back last week to completely overhauling the song in various ways, to micro-managing the Mastering process to make the song both Transparent , sound good and Low end issues.

I hope you all can enjoy the song in it's entirety,

Your's Truly,


Also for anyone who might curious here is the list of the VST software(one, Bass and Electric Guitar) I used in making the final version of the song.

Poulin HyBrit Full Stack

Lepou legion(from same maker as above)





Voxengo SPAN

Voxengo Analogflux Tapebus

Voxengo Analogflux Chrous

Voxengo Analogflux TapeDelay

ReCabinet 1/2

Free Impulses from:http://www.guitarampmodeling.com/index.php?sid=c7a2301631a39d66840bf9407250bb4a

AmpliTube Metal


Absynth 4

CSR Hall

CSR Inverse

Camel Phat 3

Classic Chorus

Prophet V2

Albino 2





Miroslav Philharmonik

Minimoog V

EZD Drummer w/DFH Expansion



T-Racks EQ 1.x

T-Racks 3



Gibson Les Paul Studio Smartwood Series 2001

Ibanez Soundgear GSR-200

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I definitely am liking this track over your two submissions I've listened to. You did some really good work to an oft-mixed melody, and there's a ton of personalization here. My one nitpick is the transition into Gurgu Volcano is pretty rough, but in no way a dealbreaker (the transition out is fine, IMO). Nice work.


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I remember taking issue with the reverb levels when this one was up for project evaluation, but thankfully that's all been resolved and what we're left with is a very solid, uplifting rock medley. I really like the mood of this track and the interplay between the synths and the guitars. Congrats man, you're definitely improving your craft and the results are very solid. There was one transition in there that wasn't really working for me, but it's definitely a pass.


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Smash that china.

Pretty cool. Lots of timbre variety, a couple may not fit but with something like this everyones gonna find some sounds they don't like. Gurgu transition is a bit odd as mentioned. It does go on a bit, and sometimes a bit tricky to remember what it is. On the whole though nice work.


ps. You deserve a slap for that vinyl rip.

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