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OCR01367 - *YES* Dizzy the Adventurer 'Mix Dizz'

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Here's a new little remix I've done. Hope you'll like it!

Song: Dizzy the Adventurer (NES)

Mix name: Mix Dizz

Remixer: Makke

I've been looking all over for the original composer, but couldn't find the credits for it so I just stuck 'Codemasters' in the composer-field of the ID3v2 tag.


Dizzy and his girlfriend, Daisy, were out searching for Pogie their pet When they discovered a secret way, to enter Zaks old castle which is quite cliché


Dizzy and his girlfriend, Daisy, desided to go and have a look In the tower with a spinning thing, which made Daisy fall asleep after getting a little sting

Dizzy and Daisy

Sitting together in a tree

But how were they supposed to know

What the evil wizards crystal show

Dizzy and Daisy

Totally oblivious to what will be

How were they supposed to know

That soon they'll be caught by Boris the Troll

Dizzy and his girlfriend, Daisy, where taken to the dungeons far below And the adventure could begin, how will it end, will Dizzy and Daisy win?

Well, how am I supposed to know? I never even ever played this game before I just like the music, and made a little remix which in everyone's mind will stick



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http://www.zophar.net/nsf/dizzy.zip - Track 1

Quality straightforward expansion versus the sounds of the original, along with a nicely done 50s-style genre adaptation with the faster tempo. Played it back on VGF56 and liked hearing something this unique. The vocals were fairly well-done for the most part - harmony was good and the lyrical deivery was pretty good, while the lyrics were pretty creative. Kinda fell apart at 2:00 as you split the vocals into the left and right channels; the lead vocals/speaking from then until the end sounded like they could have used a couple more takes.

Nice stuff; short and sweet, but nicely done by Marcus per his usual. It's kind of odd that I don't even think of Makke as a vocalist mixer despite how many vocal mixes he's done. Don't miss out on his other material on R:K:O on his own or with The C64 Mafia tackling the Commodore 64 mixing scene. This will get hated on by a lot of people. Not saying it's superlative, but that's why I generally say, "F the people."


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"F the people"

You've gotta be more specific there Larry. Free the people? Fondle the people? What? :wink:

Man this is the finger-snappin’ toe-tappin’ jam. Production of instruments and vocals is very clean and does a great job of capturing the genre. I especially like the backup vocal harmony which offsets the interesting and unique male lead.

Arrangement is there in the form of cool lyrics (even though Makke’s never played the game before, he just likes the music) and great reinterpretation of the original instruments. Great stuff Marcus.


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i wanted to just leave HAHAHAHAHAHHA and YES but i guess i should justify it somewhat.


vocals. rock on, man. hahaha. the lyrics are so cool and i love that one line in particular: Totally oblivious to what will be

you rock.


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FUNNY! Unlike Zyko I feel no need to justify this vote.

There are no problems with the mix.... It's that simple. It is musically boring but that really has nothing to do with the point of this song and from 2:03 onwards I actually got into the multiple vocal track hotness. This whole thing is just so full of charm. What's not to Love?

There is no reason to say no and many reasons to say yes so...


British People RULE!

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