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Metal bands with high dynamic range


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Decapitated - A Poem About an Old Prison Man

Psycroptic - (Ob)Servant

These are some that jump to mind that don't strike me as being terribly compressed but still sounding heavy.

I think the main thing that I can agree with your friend about though is tonally none of this is as heavy as something heavily compressed and rhythmic like Meshuggah or Gojira would sound whereas the above bands are more "brutal" than "heavy".

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Children of Bodom (try the older albums first, such as Lake Bodom, Follow the Reaper and Hate Crew Deathroll)


Ethernal Tears of Sorrow


Inflames (newer stuff is a bit mallcore, but some people like it)



Amon Amarth

Pay in mind that I'm just throwing these names at random. I have no I idea whether you actually like these bands or not. Some of them are very different from others. It's just a list that you might find handy if you're looking for metal bands.

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