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OCR02902 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons 'Pluvia Veris'

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Remixer 1 Name: Rexy (real name: Beverley Wooff)

OCRemix user ID: 7528

Remixer 2 Name: ZorlaxSeven (real name: Santiago Estrada)

OCRemix user ID: 24554

Remix info:-

Remix title: "Pluvia Veris"

Game covered: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Individual song covered: Horon Village

As far as I recall, this game has the same software information as Oracle of Ages, so all information about the game's entry itself should be found there.


Arrangement breakdown for anyone that wants it:

0:00-0:35 Introduction

0:35-0:49 Main melody of the song (14 secs)

0:49-1:00 Arrangment of the second of half of the melody (25 secs)

1:00-1:30 Free writing

1:30-1:47 Arrangment of the main melody (fast moving) (42 secs)

1:47-2:00 Key change, these parts are arrangment of the melody (55 secs)

2:00-2:05 Transition to the next section

2:05-2:25 16th runs, arrangment of the melody (first note of the runs usually are the notes of the melody (75 secs)

2:25-2:35 Finishing up the sixteenths and some more free write

2:35-2:43ish Minor variant of the melody in 16ths (83 secs)

2:43-2:47 Finishing up the 16ths

2:47-2:55 Arrangement of the second half of the melody (91 secs)

2:55-3:01 Free writing

3:01-3:07 Obvious reference to the melody (97 secs)

3:07-3:14 Slown down version of the second half of the melody (104 secs)

3:14-3:43 Finishing the slow down, and getting to the fast section

3:43-4:00 Sped up version of the main melody (121 secs)

4:00-end Slown down version of the melody as a conclusion (148 secs)



"Since I'm not very good with words, I'll try to keep this short. This is my remix of the Horon Village theme from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons for Hylian Lemon's Lime of the Season Album (so if this does get accepted, I ask that you wait until the album comes out before posting this song).

"First, I'd like to mention that Rexy did all of the production for this song, so she should be credited alongside me. I gave her a midi and score of the song, and she not only recorded it for me, but she also fleshed out a lot of the sections for me. She really did an amazing job.

"The point of Lime of the Season is to remix music from Oracle of Seasons with seasons as a thematic focus, so this song fits right in. The name of the song, Pluvia Veris, translates (loosely) from Latin to "Springtime Rain." This is the image I try to capture with this song.

"Lastly, I'd like to thank Ben (Hylian Lemon) for allowing me to be part of Lime of the Season (and Essence of Lime, for that matter). He is a great Project Coordinator, and has helped my music reach fruition time and time again. I'd also like to give a LARGE thank you to Rexy. Without her, this song definitely would not exist."






"When I received Zorlax's submission letter asking for a pianist for his arrangement, I saw it as a good opportunity to give it a go, and after having witnessed Hylian Lemon's strong dedication with Essence of Lime and his growth as a musician over the past few years, I felt being able to do something with the follow-up via Seasons would be a great opportunity to pay back to such a devoted community member, as well as a great way to help a newcomer start off on the right foot.

"To be fair I haven't played either of the Oracle titles, but when hearing the source tune it did spark some similarities to both "Zelda's Lullaby" and "Mabe Village" from Link's Awakening in terms of writing, which made it easier to identify with. And true to my nature to capture feeling in my writing, the 'seasons' element and Zorlax's decision to emphasize the weather made me grasp a firm idea on how to portray the performance.

"Have you ever had that feeling as a child, walking hand-in-hand with your mother or father down a rainy street and wanting to just run astray in your rubber boots and splash in all the puddles? It's usually around this time that after the harshness of the Winter months, the warmer climates would suddenly make the rain feel so much more playful in nature, which is emphasized with my performance and expansions here.

"I give a lot of credit to Zorlax for writing a strong arrangement out of a limited source, and I'm glad to see that it came into a finished product that we're both happy with. And as stated, Ben's dedication to the whole project is astounding and it's one that I really can't wait to see the finished production on. Thank you all for your feedback in advance!"

Peace out,


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I didn't like this track at first because the beginning of the performance is quite unsophisticated. Towards the end of the track the writing gets more subtlety and complexity, while at the same time unfortunately sounding more mechanical. I think you should really consider reworking the first sections of the song, not to be more busy, but to be more...nuanced rhythmically.

The second big issue I have is that the track sounds very muddy. You've got this nice concert hall reverb and it does sound like I'm listening in a realistic space, but you've got too many block chords going on in the left hand that just create serious mud. One solution would be to transpose the whole thing up a bit, maybe a minor third. That might work. A better solution would really be to just change your chord voicings to be more open. Give more space in the lower register.

Aside from this, I do enjoy the second half of the remix quite a bit, even if it sounds sequenced.


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I'm not really feeling Vig's critiques on the arrangement here, it feels plenty sophisticated all the way throughout the arrangement. It doesn't feel sequenced to me at all :???: The section with the Zelda's Lullaby cameo was so cool. Overall this arrangement just leaves me with a very warm feeling of joy, and I really appreciate a piano arrangement that can evoke a feeling rather than just... existing for the sake of existing. That's what helps this one stand out against the multitude of other piano mixes that are currently on the panel and on the site in general.

The piano sound itself doesn't sound as clean as the most recent thing I've heard Rexy render, there seems to be a lot of frequency-related distortion going on. Talk with her again and see if she can't work the same magic here that she did with her Crash Bandicoot mix. If not, it's still cool as-is.

YES (not conditional, but still contact Rexy and see if it's possible to fix the potential distortion/sound quality issues.)

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Didn't agree with Jesse about the intro being too simple, but I did agree about the piano not sounding great (felt muted - probably comes down to the sample), and also that some of the block chords were muddy. A little more dynamic range in the song would have helped too, it felt just a tad restrained. The arrangement is awesome though and takes some very surprising turns in the original writing and in how the source is used. Ultimately for me, it's gonna come down to whether Rexy can fix the sound, like she did for her last song.

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I also didn't hear the original track, but I'm really into the most recent version. Arrangement is fantastic and varied. Performance is very expressive. Piano sounds nice and clear.

Easy call here.


PS. Anyone else hear some random background squealing noise at 3:31 & 3:33? Sounds like some odd bleeding with certain notes in the sample perhaps.

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