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Level 99 - Radiance (Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road LOL THERE IS VOCALS!)

Level 99

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Yeah, you know me, Bobby. I do have the ability to control the general nasalness of my voice, and while it wasn't completely intended here, I wanted to shoot for an upper diaphragm vocal tone. Something that would be as light and sparkly as the subject matter, so if there's any particular phrases that you feel are over-nasal, point them out and I'll re-record to see how they sound moving a bit more away from the nose. Though yes, I think this style does suit the song. And thanks for the encouragment! Gotta do something while finishing up the Muffins tracks and waiting for other brass ;)

Ok, so these were the phrases that stuck out to me. The underline indicate the start of going nasal, and the bold is the sore thumb that sticks out the most.

The path is paved

With colors filled with light

They cast a

Radiant glow

No end in sight

Now that you're here with me

Let's chase the

Eternal rainbow


We've crossed the line

While we would love to stay

Our ride has

Come to a close

Depending on how you feel about my criticism and doing a re-record, 'Journeys unfold' could be another phrase that sticks out, but as of right now it doesn't go 'nasaly' enough to warrant redoing.

I did the whole underline/bold thing to point out where I think the worst offenders were, and whether or not you would feel re-recording the whole phrase was necessary or just doing a selective word.

My 2¢, for what you think it's worth after inflation :razz:

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You make very valid points that I myself stand by as often as I can. I did use Roland V-Vocals to iron out some of the rough spots in the vocals, since I'm being a perfectionist about how the vocals sit with the guitar tones. If you could point out the places you're hearing the "autotune sound" kick in, I'll try to iron out the issues. Additionally, I'll consider doing a re-take of recording, singing along with the tuned vocals so I can nail the pitch as close as possible, and using that. Not a promise due to time but it is definitely something that could work. Thanks for the feedback!

I hear it everywhere ;) bold ones where you can spot it _ underlined ones which I think are critical

Up in the sky

Where radiance abounds

There is a

Luminous road

Hearts race away

Suspended seamlessly

It is a

Sight to behold ......

mostly in a and ou and u and when you getting into the voicebox growl zone.

It's NOT the wiggling but this straight, plain, flat, on the spot decay and modulated "vibrato".

Someone described it as sounding like the Green Day, Blink 182 and every other so called "u.s. punkband" - jepp - this is the exact description for nasal, pitchtuned vocals that are genre defining there.

If thats what you're after - go for it.

Turning down the bass in your headphones helps a lot to get your pitch right when tracking. For the rest do another 2 or 3 takes, decide quickly which ones are good and send the rest straight to the waste bin. But judging from the overall recording quality you already know that and I should have held my mouth shut. ;)

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Stumbled upon this little gem just now. Amazing, really love it. Great work. Honestly I like the first WIP post better. I think the acoustics work so well. Also, the vocals sounds WAY better in that version. In the most recent version they sound even more nasally and distant. I'm keeping the WIP version in my collection for now :)

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