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  1. I think Ridiculously Garret is going to be my new vernacular to describe things in life that defy logic. M'friend this is your day job.
  2. Wow, don't listen to all these haters! I totally get the sound you were looking to create, and you nailed it. Absolutely love it! Great work. Diggin those 80s vibes
  3. Stumbled upon this little gem just now. Amazing, really love it. Great work. Honestly I like the first WIP post better. I think the acoustics work so well. Also, the vocals sounds WAY better in that version. In the most recent version they sound even more nasally and distant. I'm keeping the WIP version in my collection for now
  4. So I listened to the other remix posted from Harmony, and now this?! Okay, now I really need to check this out, like immediately. Great work guys!
  5. So.. I land on the ocremix.org home page, see a compilation album of Mega Man remixes by.. JOSHUA MORSE?! Are you friggin' kidding me?! Classic jmorse. Love it. Go download it now.
  6. I'm not sure what genre this is either, but I like it! What a unique feel. It almost feels like a song off a Mario Kart soundtrack. Great Job! Instant download.
  7. This is one of those mixes I find myself listening to once in the morning, realizing it's stuck in my head, and then replaying countless times to help me get through the work day. Love it, great arrangement and choice of instruments. Great work Eric!
  8. Very fun remix! Not a source I'm familiar with but since when should that ever stop anyone? >_< I was hooked after about 4 seconds haha.
  9. Love it, it's got a really unique feel to it. I actually like how it's in a different language, it adds to it. Happily stumbled upon this on rainwave.cc. Keep it up DJ...!
  10. Wow. This is one of those mixes you randomly start humming in your head weeks after hearing it, which then leads me on a mad quest to remember / listen to / and weep at its utter amazingness. Thanks to GaMeBoX for such a great mix.
  11. This is soo stinkin dirtyyy. I listen to this like 5 times a day. I can't even explain why its so good. 1:46 is blissssss.
  12. Wow I must say when I first heard that main melodic tune in this strange synth I was incredibly offended. I can't really think of any other way to describe it. It is strange but really captivating. I think this works, but on a level I'd normally not consider? Don't know if I'm making any sense, but I do think this is a really cool, one-of-a-kind mix that deserves a listen by any Mario / AnSo fan. xD
  13. So I'm sitting here at work, got ocremix on shuffle. This song comes on... How did I forget how sick this mix is?! Love it! Always nice to rediscover an old favorite
  14. He is amazing. Imagine if he started remixing here!?
  15. oh sweet! I will def check this out! thanks! loving your newest ffx mix as well :)

  16. Hey guys, I'm pumped along with the rest of the community for ocr 10th anni! I've been listening to remixes on this site for a while now, and I don't think any music collection is complete without some of the crazy awesome music posted here. I had a cool idea to update the shirts ocr sells with that new 10th anni logo. I'd love to buy a shirt based on that, but instead of just sending the design to zazzle or making it myself, I'd love to be able to contribute to the site and let some of the profits go back to it. I think a lot of people would enjoy this shirt as well. What do you guys think? CLARIFICATION: I didn't design this logo, it is the one ocremix.org is using to announce the event.
  17. I am like a giggly little school girl when I see anything by halc posted. First off, the original theme is prolly may top 3 favs from the entire ffx soundtrack, so the initial sighting of this being the source got me excited. I absolutely love the way things were kept mellow if you will, akin to the source, yet there are still many things happening at once, which I think halc has demonstrated he can do marvelously in previous work, such as that super awesome Outset mix. The main melody was preserved while a lot of additional components were added to enforce the chippy-ness, but also strengthen the track. I think this was done successfully, not sure what else I can say. Love it. At this point there isn't a song I wouldn't want halc to get a stab at, and this is just another example of that.
  18. Well although I didn't think it was possible, you topped your Super Mario Land remix-collab in one single chorus. The amount of depth and things going on, and they way they come together; my mind is blown every time I listen to this. It amazes me to hear all these different elements that are really distinct on their own, come together in ways I can't even begin to understand, to create the most beautiful sounding piece. I could live off your remixes alone. If I am ever to start remixing, you will be my master, and I will be your apprentice.
  19. Holy crap... This is one of those mixes.. You know, the one you download and you're like how was my life complete without this? And then you listen to it for days and days and it never gets old. You wonder, how could two people turn that simple Gameboy melody into this sweet nectar that is caressing my ears so gently, making me want to fall into an eternal state of orgasmic aurel pleasure. I can't tell you because I am not a God that these two are. This is easily in my top 10 oc.r of all time. Thanks for single-handedly demonstrating all the reasons I love video game remixes with this one mix.
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