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OCR03556 - *YES* Final Fantasy 9 "Prelude to Fantasy" *PROJECT* *RESUB*


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Original Decision

Contact Information

Your ReMixer name: Archangel
Your real name: Jaka Čibej (That's a Slovenian male name, short for Jakob - just to avoid any sex-change stuff, that happens kind of often. XD )
Your email address: 
Your website: http://www.reverbnation.com/jakacibejarchangel
Your userid: 23355 (http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=23355)

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged: Final Fantasy (IX, I guess)
Name of individual song(s) arranged: The Prelude
Additional information about game including composer, system, etc.: Nobuo Uematsu
Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site):

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.:

Greetings, almighty primarchs!

This is my fifth submission, although it's actually a resubmission of my Prelude track (which was my first submission). Please note that this track is now a part of the Final Fantasy IX Project Album, since Fishy was kind enough to accept it after I'd modified it to a less conservative state.

The structure is still the same. I didn't want to tamper with it, because I think The Final Fantasy Prelude is perfect the way it is. I just couldn't force myself to change the chord progression. Nothing sounds as pure as the original. However, I've added more percussion and more instruments and tried to make the song sound fresh and crisp. I also tried to keep the judges' feedback on the first version in mind--i.e. make sure the song ramps up more, adjust the choir volume etc.

All in all, I'm pretty proud of this track, and it's still my favorite among my arrangements.

Here's the link to the mp3: Archangel - Prelude to Fantasy (Final Fantasy Cover - New Version)



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I really enjoyed the first submission, and this one is even better. The whole soundscape is excellent, and it really captures the majesty of the source, and expands upon it in a huge way. If this was an official version that opened up FF15 or something, I would be incredibly hyped to play the game. I love it.


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