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Tyrian - Level Theme PCReMix [RESUB]


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Thanks again guys. I've also tweaked the snare as, yeah, it was weak-sauce. If I get chance I'll upload the revised version :)

I took a closer look at the waveform, and honestly, you have room to spare. It appears you're at -1.9dB! Some people boost their dB to -0.2! So since you have the headroom to boost certain instruments, do so (But not in the intro)! :D

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Got a nice shiny resub of this: Data Flux

So, I've had some feedback from the judges which is great. Really highlighted problems that are so unbelievably obvious that I feel like kicking myself. Regardless, its great to come back to this one and give it another go.

I lost the later versions but that was no great loss if honest. I've pretty much redone everything so yeah....feedback is appreciated.

I'm keeping this marked as WIP for a few days as I'll come back to it with some fresh ears. It should then be easier to see if any further tweaks are needed.

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I already liked the previous track, but it's always good to hear a revised version!

The introduction is really beautiful (I love the soundscape!), and I love how the song goes from melancholic to euphoric.

Here are a few small details I would improve were I you:

1) At 3:46, you can hear some clipping. I assume you cut off a .wav file there and the clipping is actually that annoying interruption of sound you get when you cut off a recording. I usually automate the volume and lower it to zero just before the cut-off point to eliminate the clipping sound.

2) The song starts immediately after you press play. I usually leave about half a second of silence before the track starts.

3) I'd lower the volume of the cymbal between 0:42 and 0:49 for a bit. It sounds a little too exposed for my personal taste. It sounds fine afterwards, but in that segment, it's probably the scarse soundscape that makes it sound like it doesn't blend well.

4) I'd use some equalizer to push the acoustic guitar melody in the introduction a little more into the background. Not too much, though, just enough to make it sound less like it's played right next to your ears (I'm listening to this with my headphones). It's a little confusing the way it is, because the acoustic guitars at the beginning sound more overwhelming than the distorted guitars later on in the track.

That's all I can come up with now. I hope at least some of it is helpful. I have no doubt this will pass the panel. =)

Anyway, congratulations, you did a great job. Great choice of source and great guitar playing. Keep it up!

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Sounds good so far. I personally feel like it's missing about 5% treble or so, because I can hear that the stuff above around 16000Hz is a little bit low. (And looking in my Param EQ, yeah, it does look like the song never reaches above 16240Hz.

Not a huge issue, but I did notice it right away. Your overhead drums should reach past 16000 since they have the possibility of being high quality samples. You can also have more low end, perhaps, below 60-ish Hz.

That's all I got. The clipping at the end is fixed.

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I kinda like that there's stuff very far back, but actually I was thinking the piece was sounding a little loud (maybe even having too much limiting going on) but being unsure of my ears I didn't bring it up on my own. Anyway! I also forgot to say I really like the original soloing in the last third, it feels like the piece takes off after sort of building up, there's like a sense of freedom.. hard to express, but that's my favourite part.


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However, the part at 1:56 - 2:08 felt dissonant to me, like the chords didn't follow the melody very well.

I half agree with that. I think the chord at 1:58 is not fitting, and there is some slight misharmonization between the left and right hand of the piano only. The dissonance is fine as long as it matches the chord progression followed by the lead.

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