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Super mario world castle (DUBSTEP)


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Wow, you've improved by tons since last time I heard some of your stuff! This is great! :D

Keep it up man! :)

I second that. Great work! Tons of GrossBeating... I dig it a lot. Next time, have some fun with the plug-in; as an abuser myself, I'm hearing lots of presets. I recommend lots of stairs and half sines :D Not saying it's bad, at ALL, but seasoned GrossBeaters are going to hear the presets

Then again, zircon used at least one in Ashes to Ashes, so I suppose you can get a way with it :P


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Thanks Guys. Supporting is awesome.

This Is AN Update version. I think that this one will be Final. I'm waiting for a workshop mod to comment and see what they, he (EDIT: Or She) think. Hope this time comes fast. ^^


Edit: Oh, and by the way, this song should be a Subwoofer breaker!

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Personally, I think the dubstep in this track is sex. It's one of those genres that really suck when don't wrong and really shines when done right, and I think you've done it right, here.

I think there's some crowding in the highs, though, especially at 2:16 when that trance lead comes in with the tweaked squares. Using a high pass on the squares when that instrument comes in might give you the room that you need.

At 0:59, 1:07, 1:12 & 1:18 the harmony strikes sound... off. Check your chords there and compare them to the source, since they're not ringing right in my ears. Also, while this is very nitpicky, the piano at 1:20 just seems too dry and clean for this track. Everything else is so damn dirty, don't be afraid to throw some sonic mud on it, as well. :wink:

I'm also going to throw out that this song doesn't sound finished. While it does an awesome job of running through the source in as interesting a way as possible... it only makes a single pass through it. Returning to material from earlier helps tie a track together and close it off properly, so I suggest extending the song a bit with some of the older material from the source to close it off properly.

Otherwise, very sexy. I really like the effects and overall soundscape. I hope this crit helps get you through the panel.

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At 0:59, 1:07, 1:12 & 1:18 the harmony strikes sound... off. Check your chords there and compare them to the source

For those chord I didn't use the source. Maybe this is why it sounds off. I'm gonna check on these too. I remember having trouble to fit these one in.

Edit: Since I'm gonna work again on it, I'll remove the mod review.

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Ok, I fixed a couple of issue. I'm still supressing adding things up. But I wanted all of U to see the new part so badly.

Things I've changed:

-Subwave now wobble with the rest of the song.

-Changed the main bass EQ.

-Added end part.

-Even more glitching.

(Piano is still untouched. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. And the end maybe a little longer when I polish up. I'm still working that.)


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