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OCR02517 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Islands in the Sky'


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Chrono Trigger

Corridors of Time

Title: Islands in the Sky


The Zeal theme is a source I have wanted to tackle for a very long

time. As a kid I actually remember replaying Chrono Trigger again for

the sole reason of making it to Zeal so I could listen to this theme.

I know this source has been done to death. To breath in some new life

I focused more on the B section of the original. The mix was done

entirely in Reason v6. It features tons of samples from the Roland

D-50 and heavy use of the new Pulveriser device. Big thanks to Brad

and OA for providing some helpful critiques, especially around the

percussion. Texture wise I went with the mindset of less is more.

Nowadays it is so easy to overload tracks with too much content. Part

of what made the original so timeless is how strong each individual

part was. In the arrangement I tried to introduce individual elements

from the original in a timely fashion so every element has their own

time to shine.



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Honestly I've had this one downloaded and looping ever since the moment it showed up on the judges panel. It's a pretty minimalist take on Zeal, but you can tell that everything here is very intentional and deliberate, and your simple soundscape and textures are just plain beautiful. I'm rarely this floored by a mix that's this simple in its execution, but I guess that's a sign that Shaun is doing-it-right and has really gotten the hang of his craft. Great work dude :-)


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Shaun doesn't mix enough anymore :(

He always has super-great attention to the smallest details of his mix. Occasionally it's to the detriment of the bigger picture, but that's not true in this case. The general flow is very smooth with a nice balance of synthetic and natural instruments. Nice solid groove with a lot of different elements thrown in together. Overall, he sets a great mood for the listener and keeps it going until the end of the mix.

I will say the choir ahh's were a little off-putting as the abrupt note changes belie their realism. Still, their pushed back in the soundscape enough to not be a big issue. Also, I heard what sounded like a few subtle wrong notes at 2:40, 2:49, 2:57, 3:31 - maybe choir clashing with violins, I'm not sure.

Arrangement is very nice - if a bit straightforward in some of the melodic treatment, the shifting focus of embellished backing parts and tasteful incorporation of a widely covered melody line really win me here.


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