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OCR03813 - *YES* Seiken Densetsu 3 "The Final Moments" *PROJECT*


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Contact Information

Your ReMixer name: pu_freak
Your real name: Pieter van Os
Your userid: 12491

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged: Seiken Densetsu 3
Name of arrangement: The Final Moments
Name of individual song(s) arranged: Farewell Song (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oibq0zLNKFQ)

Your own comments about the mix:

THIS IS A PROJECT SONG FOR THE "Song of Light and Darkness" ALBUM!

With this mix, I wanted to create an emotional and intimate version of the source material, by using just piano which is backed up by strings later in the mix. It's a fairly conservative mix compared to my usual mixes, since I din't alter much of the source, I just added a lot of original stuff to complement on the melody of the original. I think that the critiques on my previous remix are fixed in this submission, because the left and right hand are much more seperate (much more low and high frequenties instead of much in the middle), so it should be a lot less muddy than my previous remix. I hope that when people listen to this, they can truly relax and just enjoy the moment. That's the feeling I wanted this mix to have, at least.

The mix: 

P.S. I've also added the mix as an attachment, in case the project gets released before this mix is judged (Kyle usually deletes all the WIPs whenever a project is released from his KNGI server)

- Pieter


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The new approach to how you separate your right and left hands definitely leaves you with a sparser soundscape that's not always completely filled out, but definitely brings a delicate, gentle quality to the performance. I think for a very simple source like this, it works very well and the piano adaptation was a brilliant idea, as it lets keep the playful melodies intact while doing a lot of expansion on the left hand and with some melodic wankery from time to time :-)

Some of the right-hand riffs in the intro felt loose in the performance, and this feeling of improv-ishness and loose timing pervaded throughout the rest of the song. It's nothing that isn't present in your other mixes that have passed the panel or been released on projects, and as you continue to refine your craft and gain even more confidence with your performances, that'll naturally become less prevalent, but it's still something to watch for. I am a fan of the improvised sound of the performance (whether or not it actually was one :-P ) though, personally. Once you hit the sections with the strings/bells and the left hand writing becomes more active, your timing issues clears up a ton and the performance feels more cohesive and flowing. None of this amounts to a dealbreaker in my opinion, but I thought it was worth saying.

Production-wise, I gotta say this is sounding a lot cleaner and less noisy than a lot of your previous submissions, which is a great sign! :-D The string articulations are not fantastic and they don't do anything spectacular in terms of writing, but their addition is a welcome one as they add just a bit of texture to the ending.

Source usage here is still a little iffy, I'm hearing a LOT of connections but I'm having a hard time grasping how much of that is actual source usage and how much of it is original writing that just happens to fit really well. I've checked back and forth between the source and your remix and because of how many added notes you throw in to each repetition of the theme and how dynamic your performance is, doing a stopwatch breakdown would be pointless. I'm hearing it more than enough to give you the benefit for the doubt here, but I would like for anyone else voting here to corroborate that.

Good stuff man :-)


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Emu swooping in with a great vote. Overall the performance is really good, and I like the little personalizations you put on the melody throughout the mix. Some areas do feel a little loose, either timing, or just feeling not exactly comfortable, but they are pretty minor in the long run.

The two things I'm worried about are the piano sound and the string attack/sound. The slow attack on the strings is noticeable, and probably the thing I would want changed most. The piano sound is decent to good, and I personally don't mind it, but someone like Vinnie would be a better judge of it.

In the end I think the arrangement itself is super nice, and a good way to treat this source. This isn't anything out of the box for Pieter, but it is super personalized, and overall a nice listen. I think this fits PU's style quite well, and is a good addition to his repertoire, and our library. Good luck with the rest of the vote.


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Piano sounds great, actually. Full-bodied sound, good reverb settings. I really enjoyed the arrangement, especially when it started building up towards the end. You good a nice job with the dynamics, though I kept wishing that the strings didn't have that slow attack. They needed to just sustain and keep getting louder. It wasn't that big a deal.

But as far as source usage goes, either you guys are hearing something I'm not or this is too liberal. Timestamping the parts that mostly follow the melody, I heard 0:57-1:27, 2:30-2:57, 3:05-3:35, 3:40-4:07. That's about 42% of the song, which is below what I usually pass. The rest of the time I heard no connection except for some chords here and there, nothing solid enough to count. Pieter used his own modified chord progressions in this track, it never matched 1:1. We've probably passed something with this level of source usage before, but I'm hard-pressed to call this dominant.


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So I've been listening to the source and this tune a lot, trying to make sure I catch everything. Mostly because the production and performance are really clicking here.

I mostly agree with Palp's breakdown, but I picked out a bit more:

:01 - :29 left hand playing backing of original closely enough that I'd call it a connection - beyond the same chord progression, it's accenting the same notes as the original.

1:57 - 2:04 modified melody from original

I guess those parts could be up for debate, but if you include the above that takes it a bit over the 50% mark. Given that he's integrated more original sections so well with the more overt parts as well, I'm fine with signing off on this one.


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