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OCR02510 - *YES* New Super Mario Bros., SSB Melee, SMB1,2,3, SMW 'Plains, Capes and Turnips'

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Remixer Name: David Lindskog

Real Name: David Lindskog

website: http://soundcloud.com/david-lindskog

user ID: 47785

Arrangement Info


Super Smash Bros. Melee: Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World - Overworld)

Super Mario Bros.: Underwater

Super Mario Bros. 2: Overworld

Super mario Bros. 3: Swimming

New Super Mario Bros: Walking the Plains

Name of Arrangement: Plains, Capes and Turnips

I've had this idea for a few years to arrange a bunch of super mario music into a xylophone rag and perform it. I finally decided to make it happen this year during my senior year of my undergrad at the Lamont School of Music at University of Denver. So this arrangement is for 5 players: 4 marimba players and 1 xylophone soloist. The players in this recording are as follows:

Xylophone: David Lindskog

Marimba 1: Jackson Stevens

Marimba 2: Kevin Matthews

Marimba 3: Rose Martin

Marimba 4: Chris Lundberg

Videos of this performance and one other are available on the Lamont Percussion Studio youtube page and My youtube page:

DavidLindskogMusic and ID4Alien


- SMB Underwater

- SMB2 Overworld

- SMB3 Underwater

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca4hAp95kmg - NSMB Walking

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDD-WaDb0TM - SSB Yoshi

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The SMW Overworld section had me worried a bit, as the arrangement was obviously cool, just very cover-ish, even for a pure mallet percussion adaptation. Luckily after the transition to the SMB3/SMB Water combination, the arrangement had some more interpretation. It's conservative, but the arrangement was definitely personalized and expressive. The transitions were a little jumpy, but nothing was awkward, and the overall flow was fine.

Big props to David and crew for an extremely fun mix!


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Hahaha, I love the little coin noise in the intro, that's fun. After reading Larry's comments on this mix and another mix that was nearly rejected for being too coverish, I'm pretty much ok with signing off here, as well. There's a great deal of personalization in the performances alone, and having so many performers on the track creates moments where performers can go off and do their own thing briefly to freshen things up, so ultimately this is far enough from the source to pass it. There's some flubs in the beginning where the timing doesn't sound quite right, but fortunately as you go on your performances sync up better and it sounds like there's more confidence across the board.

Good stuff, I very much enjoyed this :-)


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Hahaha, I love the little coin noise in the intro, that's fun.

Exactly what I as thinking! Can I yes this just for that?

Anyways, I will agree that the opening section had me worried as well, mostly due to the timing issues, but as it went on things smoothed out, and I'm comfortable giving this a sign off with the amount of personalization and fun this is! I love xylo/marimba groups, they tend to be pretty awesome.


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Hard not to like this one. Mario songs are very well-suited to chromatic percussion as it turns out, and this offered some cool new ideas for songs that have been done to death. It played out a little like a medley, but the flow between songs was good and the piece had a clear direction. Like the others, I thought it veered pretty close to being too conservative, but every now and then a new countermelody or chord would surprise me. Great performance.


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Just including a source breakdown for the curious. It turns out the game with the most representation among the sources was New Super Mario Bros.

SMW - :05-07 (2 seconds)

SSBM - :13-1:06, 1:29-1:42 (66 seconds)

SMB1 - 1:06-1:19, 1:19-1:29, 4:06-4:15 (32 seconds)

SMB3 [& SMB1 together] - 1:06-1:19 (13 seconds)

SMB2 - 1:42-2:40 (58 seconds)

NEW SMB - 2:40-4:06 (86 seconds)

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