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OCR01379 - *YES* Unreal Tournament 'Club Showdown' *RESUB*


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Aw crap, I accidentally left this in my PM box since May 31. Shit, sorry Jimmy, let's get it back on here.

Original Decision: http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=50560

Hey man, been a while. Sorry I haven't contributed much to the OCR scene in a while--I've been quite busy. Main reason for my absence is this:


So I've been pretty busy what with work and preparing for the wedding and all. Fortunately, I have found some time to do some music inbetween stresses and hectic preparations. Ziwtra and I are doing our best to throw together a nice little EP for the Final Fantasy Adventure soundtrack. (You can hear the 3 tracks I've done on my site--I'm not sure if I'll submit any of them here yet. But feel free to check them out.)

Anyway, well, I had some spare time today, so I sat and decided that since it's been sitting growing stagnant at vgmix, I'd go ahead and see if I could touch up on my old Unreal Tournament mix. I checked out the judges thread, and since the main "X" against it was the lack of source material/arrangement, I tried to remedy that as best I could without completely altering the song as I'm quite fond of the old version :P

So I was wondering if you could give me a little under-the-table input on what I've thrown together, and if you think it's likely to pass, I would like to resubmit it. If not, let me know what I would do well to fix.

A couple notes: I changed the main bass riff to (more or less) exactly what it is in the source tune. I also threw in a little of the melody from the end toward the start of the redone version (which is a shame, because I liked the thought of saving that till the end...) I also brought out the organ, and added some chimes and piano to a couple parts to make them more frontal instead of sub-melodic.

Let me know whenever you can spare the time, bro. Thanks,


I wanna apologize again to Jimmy for overlooking his resub in my PM box. He did some good tweaks on the first minute to more overtly incorporate "Go Down" into the intro, so my arrangement concerns with the track were fixed. This took a similar approach to SuperGreenX's "Kick Your A" where the source tune was generally placed in the background and a new lead melody was created on top of the source. After getting the breakdown from Jimmy on how he had used five different sections of the original within the piece, I'm glad to pass it. Let's break it down so this doesn't run into any problems this time:

The supporting baseline that faded in at :11 and lasted until :56 was arranged from the intro of the source (:00-:14).

The synth from :56-1:22 was arranged from :28-:53 of the source.

The orchestral strings fading in at 1:32 and lasting until 2:21 were arranged from 1:40-1:54 of the source.

The music from the part with the voice clip (2:22-3:16) was arranged from 1:11-1:39 of the source.

The secton from 3:18-3:47 was arranged from 2:23-2:44 of the source.

Like I said before, I definitely felt that the track sounded a lot like the Unreal style, but I was totally wrong about the level of arrangement the last time around, as the arranged sections taken from the source tune were used regularly throughout the track. Aside from pointing out where the actual arrangement was, the original additions made here by Jimmy definitely felt like a natural fit.

I know you mentioned to Alexander Brandon that this was gonna be something you submitted, so I hope other Unreal fans appreciate it as well. Nice work on this third mix, bro, and I look forward to hearing more from you whenever you're able to get back in the game. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage!


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Interesting sidenote, Wingless has just about every Unreal (Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004, Unreal Championship 2) except for Unreal Championship 1 and Unreal II, which as we U fans all know, roundly sucks.

I can't remember (and/or probably never heard) the original submission, but this is very nice. You've got a nice, complicated texture, but things are so tightly compact that everything negiotiates in your ear *perfectly*, it's deep, without sounding cluttered.

Normally, I ain't down with voice clips in-media, but it doesn't detract from the song, and the outro from the clip is very nice.

All in all, very very nice. Fanboi'sm comes alive in this song!


omg. Unreal-bias

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Noriko Matsueda Style! Lots and Lots of layers but so well organized that more = more instead of less!

Everthing fits together like jigsaw music! It's important to modify the groove every now and again like at 1:26. Nobody outstays their welcome in this here ReMix. 2:22 section's extreme redundancy is rectified by the guest lecturer who shows up there.

Absolutely solid production. SOLID



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