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OCR01373 - Marathon "Neo-Pacificist"

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Ultra laid back and groovin, there are some nice textures filling this out and a solid chord structure with bass and pads. Great electronic sounding percussive textures. This is perfect for looping, which is exactly what i've done for the past hour. Really nice stuff.

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Nice. I love it when a mix makes absolute perfect sense to me. There is nothing overly complex to listening to this, despite the music actually being deceptively dense.

Funnily enough, this reminds me of the sounds of a flowing river (not a space station crawling with enemies) in that 10 seconds is all you really need to "get" where the sound is coming from, where it is heading and whether you like it, but you could listen to it for hours.

I also think this channels some of the early djpretzel tracks, as well as some of McVaffe's stuff. And I think we all know there is no better company to be compared to.

Fantastic, understated and ultra-cool electro-ambience. I like.

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This is definitely a sweet little chill-out track. The delayed electric piano sounds good, and there's a lot of neat percussion padding & other atmospheric sounds and effects going on. Well built, inspiring and enjoyable!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01373 - Marathon "Neo-Pacificist"

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