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oklahoma meetup/hangout/whatever


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It's come to my attention that atleast a few people are close enough to oklahoma to warrant trying to set up a thing.

therexsaurus on irc said i should start a thread, and this is me starting a thread to gauge interest on doing some sort of southwest meetup for people who can't drive 10 hrs to go to chicago.

There are a number of really good restaraunts in OKC especially, and i'm sure we could find something fun to do, or at the very least find somewhere to set up and play some of those video games the kids are talking about these days.

let me know!

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I approve of this thread. Tulsa's a cool place, I'm going to go to college there so I could probably manage a visit depending on what mah parents think.

As for places, The Brook on Utica square is always a favorite of mine, there's also some good places downtown.

There's also Cains ballroom for music stuffs. We could see if there's a good concert then and go to that if you guys want.

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my votes for food are

hideaway pizza - locations all over so it would be good for okc or tulsa

mcnellies - if we're doing tulsa, they have pretty great burgers

kilkennys - great irish pub, great fish-and-chips

as for more okc area stuff, there's a five guys in norman, which is fantastic, and we could always go to cattleman's steakhouse or something.

as for post food entertainment, still working on that.

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I was mostly being facetious about Tulsa...I don't think my roommate would be okay with a bunch of strangers at his place, so I wouldn't be able to host. Although if people like Five Guys, we have a similar place called Fat Guy's. :P

Also Jonathan Coulton & They Might Be Giants are coming to Tulsa but that's in like 4 days. :<

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