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  1. that would definitely be information I would require for that so whenever you guys decide on a good time hit me up =)
  2. if you guys want I can look up rates if I can get a number of people and figure something out for everybody just holla at me.
  3. That's exactly what I said but I said "If I was cosplaying megaman that's what I would look like" lol
  4. I am in OKC so anything in the area including tulsa would be no problem with me. Gotta say looking forward to meeting up with everybody if we get something rolling =)
  5. I could see a Kirby Golden Coral commercial that would rule
  6. If you guys are talking Cedar Point Kansas I could definately pull that one off.
  7. yah hard to judge without #sarcasm =P
  8. not to be harsh but this album wouldn't exist if it had passed....
  9. I would be willing to meet up I am in OKC somewhere in the vicinity of there would be awesome but I am game on anywhere nearby.
  10. Ahh gotcha yah I need to clarify I am not saying I hate "everything" thats out there just not a fan like I was back in the 80's 90's when I believe music was really well done. But I have a 15 year old and the music she listens too is horrible and drives me crazy and I wasn't like that as a kid my dad and I had similar tastes in music and I'm from the country so Country music is and will always be part of my life but it's just amazing as to what these artists shovel down peoples throats 3 to 4 releases a year anymore its just how fast can I get into the studio and make more music that sounds "EXACTLY" the same and pump it out to people to buy kinda sad.
  11. Game remixes come in all genre's and meaning its just one of those things I am a huge fan and it never gets old to me. I might just be that 1 percent but when you love something as much as I do it never gets old
  12. Brandon are you defending the Author or arguing trying to figure that out lol
  13. Would love to see a Mother 3 compilation done one of the best soundtracks for a video game out there. I would be willing to help with the idea in any form I could. Love to see the feedback on this idea
  14. I used to own all those toys before my house burned down a few years ago *sigh* I miss my Video Game memorabilia collection
  15. I agree it's becoming more and more that I don't listen to anything other than VGM remixes and OST's because anything on the radio is just complete and utter crap. I don't know what happened to what we consider music at all but as long as OC Remix is alive and well I will have music to listen too so I count my blessing's the community is still alive and kicking
  16. Hey I love the Sonic commercial and I actually believe I fell for it *looks at his progressive statement* yep it worked =P
  17. And that's all dependent on the money for said overhaul to still be available with the financial failings of Square-Enix as of late I hate to say I don't see this getting done before the project is abandoned all to gather as it is causing them way to much money to keep it running and once subscriptions start except for a very few hardcore fans they are going to lose there player base all-together I was one of them but I can't pay for a game that lacks content its just not feasible for me. But at this point who knows and I hope they do somehow pull it off as I love Final Fantasy as a franchise and like you XI was great.
  18. Act 3-10 Bridge to Eternity (within the giant) is by far my most played track love the FFIV Album ALOT
  19. I can't wait to pick this EP up going to be amazing!
  20. I just picked up Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana playing them tons and loving every moment of them. I can't wait to pick up FFIV when and if they release it
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