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  1. any way you might accept trades for anything? and by anything i mean mm7 and possibly some of your boxed n64 games? i have a google docs list i can link at you.
  2. shit's getting REAL with the patch 5.1 audio files i've heard from rama's facebook post. damn. jaina's mad, bro.
  3. what you call catalysts for socialization, i call having to waste untold hours putting together a group to wipe a few times and have it fall apart. In other news, i hit 90 last night and i absolutely love this expansion. definitely the best one yet. so much more stuff to do, and stuff i'd actually care to do, outside of raiding. and pandas. and gorgeous scenery. and great story. I'm trying really hard not to log back on so i'll actually go to sleep at some point. every people, please add me. scrobble#1932 let's do a thing. i'm mostly on pretty late, and i'm in central time.
  4. you nerds should really get on this. overcoat is not only a super bro and one of my favorite people, but he's also a solid musician.
  5. hompy birthday, mr. pizza. tntpogbamtfbwy. i can't believe i still remember all of that.
  6. i'm never sure why people undertake huge modding projects that could be solved by just playing melee again.
  7. we really need to figure out a good time before we get too ahead of ourselves.
  8. also i wasn't being serious about you hosting, i know you don't really have a house. I was toying with the idea of renting a hotel suite for a night or something, depending on how much that cost.
  9. my votes for food are hideaway pizza - locations all over so it would be good for okc or tulsa mcnellies - if we're doing tulsa, they have pretty great burgers kilkennys - great irish pub, great fish-and-chips as for more okc area stuff, there's a five guys in norman, which is fantastic, and we could always go to cattleman's steakhouse or something. as for post food entertainment, still working on that.
  10. there's pretty much nothing in the panhandle that i know of. and people live in okc or stillwater or the tulsa area.
  11. are you volunteering your residence, david? should i start looking at cool tulsa spots?
  12. It's come to my attention that atleast a few people are close enough to oklahoma to warrant trying to set up a thing. therexsaurus on irc said i should start a thread, and this is me starting a thread to gauge interest on doing some sort of southwest meetup for people who can't drive 10 hrs to go to chicago. There are a number of really good restaraunts in OKC especially, and i'm sure we could find something fun to do, or at the very least find somewhere to set up and play some of those video games the kids are talking about these days. let me know!
  13. no seriously, they're waterproof. i've showered multiple times with one on, they're not made out of printer paper or something.
  14. sup, day after my birthday bro. Unfortunately i live in oklahoma
  15. Post a message in that thread. In all caps. About the concert omggggggggg edit: hey screw you board software, de-caps-ing my post. >
  16. i <3 uther alliance. Mostly because that's where my amazingly awesome guild "the breakfist clan" is.
  17. radio overcoat is THE BEST STUFF. it's actually kind of bizarre how much of overcoat's music i enjoy. also he has a good radio voice and talks just enough for me to know what's playing without trying to be some lame fanradio dj so in short you should listen to radiovercoat and also talk about it on irc.
  18. with the new expansion on the horizon, and all the changes coming to low-level content, i imagine there might be some people wanting to get into wow for the first time. before you do! please let me know, i will send you a 'refer a friend' trial. You get extra xp when we play together, and i get free game time (if you upgrade from the trial to a full account) and a fancy mount (if you end up playing for several months) post here or let me know on #ocrwow on irc
  19. i know a lot of nerds are almost allergic to paying for things, but if you enjoy the GSL, please support it for the vods or at the very least just watch the free stream instead of ripping them off by watching a restream of the hq or watching the vods on youtube
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