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OCR01442 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Door to the End of Time'


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DJP: Blake's has requested that his remixer name be changed to Blake Perdue. - Gray


Blake Perdue


Remixer ID: 8644


Game: Chrono Trigger

Song: End of Time

0:00-00:38 Nothin in particular

0:40-1:28 End of Time Theme

1:44-1:59 Frog's Theme

2:00-2:14 Middle Ages Theme

2:15-2:57 1000 AD Theme

2:57-3:11 Happy rendition of End of Time Theme

3:40-3:59 End of Time Theme

4:29-Ending End of Time Theme

The times not mentioned probably contain some hint at one of these mentioned themes, or are otherwise hooplah sections. By the way, in the event that this does get accepted, could DJP or whoever not post it until Chrono Symphonic is released? That date should be september 27th.

This is my contribution (hopefully it can be considered so) to the OCR site project, "Chrono Symphonic". For those who don't know, Chrono Symphonic is a collection of movie soundtrack arrangements of a bunch of Chrono Trigger songs. Unfortunately, there is no movie (yet? LolLOLLOL). I hope Claado Shou won't mind if I submitt his, as he stated that there shouldn't be any other releases of the songs until the project is released. He is a very dedicated person, and deserves a LOT of credit for putting this grandiose project together. It's been a year already, and from the start he was transitioning into the military. From what I hear about the first year of being in the military, it's hard to get anything outside it done, let alone what Claado was able to accomplish. This project has had a lot of talent and dedication to fuel its engine all the way to the finish line.

Anyway, here is my ReMix. It's an arrangement of the overlooked End of Time theme. Although I am using basically all of the same samples as my earlier ReMix, Set Sail, it certainly isn't as linear or storytelling as many would like it to be. I tried to do what I could, but with my mediocre arrangement ability, the song will remain as spontaneous as a soundtrack done by John Williams. Actually, John Williams on PCP.

I am using the Florestan String and Woodwinds, Squidfont, Roland Orchestral Drum Kit, some African Percussion kit I found off the internet, and a harp soundfont. All are free soundfonts and most can be found just by googling, or going to Darkesword's site. I'm finally 16 now, which means I can get a job. Maybe I can get "zOMG SAMPLES" now. I probably shouldn't, though; if I can't make a song sound good with normal samples, there's no hope. I've read up on EQ techniques and such, and have learned a lot in sound, but I mostly worked on making this song not boring. I hope this gets accepted. : |

Sorry about the soundclick. I'm sure this awards me Groove-1

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Well, I hate to do it, but I would like to draw some comparisons here to your DKC2 mix as a reference (though my actual DECISION is not based on that). I felt that here you had an overall better grasp of structure and production - the whole thing has good pacing and incorporates a lot of material and variation, staying fresh the whole time. It's not as cut & dry as "Set Sail" either - lots of neat, but subtle stuff going on throughout. At times, I felt like some of the chords and notes clashed, though, such as 3:33 to 4:00. The section after 4:00 also felt a little sparse up until 4:33 with the conclusion that I REALLY love.

Overall.. great job on arrangement and structure. Production is A+ too consider what you have to work with. Some of the voicings seemed a bit unnatural, but that's basically my only problem. In my opinion this is a solid improvement over Set Sail, which was by no means a bad mix either!


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http://www.snesmusic.org/spcsets/ct.rsn - "The Brink of Time" (ct-2-13.spc), "Kaeru's Theme" (ct-1-19.spc), "Wind Scene" (ct-1-09.spc) & "Peaceful Day" (ct-1-04.spc)

Going for the quick pimpage. Some of the string work on the intro until :33 was a bit...odd. Didn't like how it sounded like there was some crowding in the low-end frequencies from 1:11-1:28. Less so with the "Peaceful Day" reference from 2:15-2:23, but I felt it was still noticeable.

Some of the transitions, like before "Frog's Theme" and then into "Wind Scene" and "Peaceful Day" seemed too abrupt, but worked in the big picture. Beautiful stuff at 3:00 with, as Blake dubbed it, the happy rendition of "The Brink of Time", but then I felt there was some bad note selection from 3:59-4:02, which resulted in some clashing notes at the end of that reference like zirc mentioned.

Good stuff overall though, as I appreciated the way had the references to the other arranged material and wrapped them up with "The Brink of Time." The structure offered up a lot of abrupt changes that nonetheless worked well in the medley sense here. I didn't really get the medleyitis vibe; it sounded really logical that a small orchestra could/would play something structured like this. Bueno.


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I probably shouldn't comment on this, but I think it's so AWESOME that you're only sixteen years old! Okay, on to the mix:

The 5/4 bonanza from 1:28 to 1:43 was the perfect transition into Frog's Theme. The tremolo strings under the beginning of windscene and subsequent string work at 2:09 showed real expertise in synthetic string writing. The individual notes moved in different directions and intervals giving the section a wonderfully natural feel. The version of the End of Time Theme using the solo fiddle, rapidly bowed strings in the background, counter melodies in the oboe and bassoon with an ocassional piano strike was playful yet profound. Sure there were a couple of clashing notes, like when the back-up strings play an Eb at 3:49, but it's nothing substantial enough to take away from the terrificly frenzied, almost maniachal jig you've got going in that section.

Afterwards you appropriately allow some calm to follow which lasts just long enough to properly prepare us for your heroic version of End of Time leading into the harp pattern from the source which is given a completely different feel thanks to the G in the bass. The G eventually fades as the harp arpeggiates its final chord. Beautiful! This ReMix is a series of vignettes, no two of which are alike. They all have their own unique charms and compliment one another splendidly keeping five minutes and thirty seconds from feeling like too long.


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I'm not a fan of medleys, especially when our guidelines are concerned with the size/time limit, I don't think they ultimately can capitalize on a proper experience. But in this case you did it as well as can be expected.

Right off the bat, the arrangement is evidently well done. All the various instrumentation works together nicely. The orchestration is very well done. The balance of all the instruments is great.

I think some of the instruments needed more reverb. The string sustains for example have no release they just end at the note's end. Also your snare sounds more upfront than some of the other instruments. It should be at the back. I would have placed more reverb on that, and eq'd the 5000-8000hz range for some more crispness. Keep these in mind next time.

Small suggestions aside, everything else was very well done. Very capable work in all areas. YES

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