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OverCoat - Moon Citizen [Touhou Imperishable Night - Voyage 1969]


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You've already got this marked as "Finished" and you're not particularly good at accepting criticism from what I've seen on irc, but I can share a few thoughts.

That hihat sample is bad. Apart from a problem here and there, this is actually not too bad of a piece. It's pretty repetitive and there's not a chorus or a climax to be found, some of the synth choices are pretty vanilla. The first 38 seconds are pretty rough, but it seems more cohesive when the bass drops in after that. The 'snare' is weak and mostly treble, and the kick is strong enough but lacks definition. Through my monitors it just sounds like a sub bassy thud. It seems like a lot of the elements in your song are all fighting for attention, rather than having some backing elements, and others that stick out above them, so it does induce some listener fatigue.

I've heard this song a lot of times now because you link it pretty often on irc. It's not too bad and the things I mentioned are pretty easy fixes on the production side. You probably aren't interested in changing the arrangement, but I do think it could use some work. Mostly in the intro which I thought was pretty rough.

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